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  1. More Kings pics... Note in the second photo that the white patches are visible only when the arms are raised. And given the Kings inability to score this year, that won't happen often. It's difficult to see from these pictures, but also note the throwback Kings decal on the helmet, probably most visible on the last picture here with Simmonds (17) going for the puck. Close-up shots revealed that the script is the same as was used back in the Gretzky era. Good to see they went all-out and didn't use their usual helmets with the current crown logo.
  2. Three minutes into the Kings game and I must say their thirds look sharp. Really sharp. The piping doesn't ruin the look after all -- at least not on TV.
  3. Being a Kings fan, I can't say I'm overly pleased or disappointed with the LA jersey. First off, we already have a black jersey, so I think purple needs to be reintroduced somewhere along the line. I hate the white armpits and the dazzle silver should go. On the positive side, I embrace the return to the Gretzky era and the reappearance of a hemline stripe! So in short, get rid of the pitstains and dial down the shine on the piping and it's a pretty solid effort. At least we didn't completely drop the ball like the Senators...um, Sens...did.
  4. That's one of first things I noticed while watching the game last night. Makes the numbers stand out a bit more. Now if only they'd add the same detail on the arms and shoulder yoke (and maybe add a hem stripe?) to separate the purple from the black.
  5. As I understand it, his profile would remain on the obverse with each of these designs on the reverse, replacing the Lincoln Memorial.
  6. Big talk for a draw. I guess you'll take it when you surrender the other eight points that have been up for grabs.
  7. Right, because all wide receivers are selfish. Yup. Because I said in my post THAT EVERY SINGLE WIDE RECEIVER IS SELFISH!!!!! You sure as hell implied it. How?? Seconded. How did I "imply" it? I bolded the portion where you implied it. You lumped in a lot of wide receivers in that first sentence of yours. Whlite I certainly see where your coming from, Eye (as that phrase could definately be interpreted in the way it was), I think what he was trying to say was Chad is a run-of-the-mill WR (talent-wise) but thinks the world revolves around him. The idea that I was trying to present was not that every WR is selfish, nor did I imply it. I simply meant that there are many wide receivers who think that the world revolves around them. Chad Johnson is one of them and it's not surprising that he's doing this. And yes, I did "lump a lot of wide receivers" together, because quite frankly, there are a lot of players with that attitude. Being the grammar afficionado that I am, this digression could have been avoided with a period. For example: "He's just your run of the mill WR. He thinks the world revolves around him and he's owed everything in the world." Or perhaps a semicolon would do the job: "He's just your run of the mill WR; he thinks the world revolves around him and he's owed everything in the world." In any case, replacing the term "who" with the personal pronoun could remove much of the ambiguity in the original post, yet it still leaves open the interpretation that by "run of the mill WR," we are referring to all receivers in general being self-centred. However, I am confident that any sort of punctuation would create enough of a separation in thought between Monsieur huit cinq and other receivers.
  8. Los Angeles Kings, Ottawa Senators, and St. Louis Blues are "TBD"... I'm still having trouble visualizing LA's "pencil-point" logo. Anyone care to venture a guess as to how it may look?
  9. Why can't you people just leave him alone??
  10. The lion is wearing sunglasses.
  11. Not only did this thing sell for $149.99, it was purchased with the "Buy It Now!" function. Someone must've thought this would be a hot item and wanted to get the drop on other bidders.
  12. What, an underachieving team everyone else hates?
  13. No, don't say that, don't jinx them, PLEASE! Look what you did, what did I tell you? You jinxed them, thanks, thanks a lot!!! I'll tell you what any announcer in the world should say on the air: my making a prediction has absolutely NO effect on the outcome of a game. None. Zero. I could've said the Sox will roar back and win this game and eventually sweep the series. Would I be correct? Who knows, but it all comes back to the fact that what I say has nothing to do with what happens on the field.
  14. Rockies will win this series. Mark my words.
  15. It happens in soccer all the time, don't see what the big problem is.
  16. Two-part question for ya, Glenn: Who's your provider, and how much did it set you back? I've got ExpressVu in these parts and I was curious if this would be one of those stand-alone channels or a special (read: expensive) package like Centre Ice or Sunday Ticket.
  17. High-sticking was still called as any contact above the shoulders, right?
  18. And now the "Chasing Bonds" era begins. Godspeed, A-Rod, Pujols, Dunn, anyone else. Godspeed.
  19. Outsourced? better brush up on my written Hindi... New Management? I didn't even know we HAD MANAGEMENT!!!! Ohh, you mustn't have got the memo. We're putting these new covers on all our TPS reports now. I'll make sure you get a copy of that memo.
  20. I'm kinda thinking that's the point. The current design is solid enough that not much needs to be changed -- aside from throwing the border on the shoulders. Nice work here, Roger.
  21. Excellent contribution. IMO, these are great. A little complicated, yes, but hell, they're just concepts. When was the last time a concept car at the Detroit Auto Show made it all the way to production without changes?
  22. I can tell you that a grey alternate is a gamble. For instance, I've been in Lethbridge the last two years, and the WHL's Hurricanes have a disgustingly-executed grey alt. It incorporates no fewer than three city landmarks -- the city hall clock on the lower arm, Yates Memorial Centre arch across lower torso, and High Level Bridge along bottom hem (not visible). The letter H from the wordmark stands alone as the logo, completing an all-too-busy package. That said, I must say I love this Blizzard alt jersey. There's enough blue there to offset the grey, giving it a nice contrast. Overall, it's got a great classic feel, even with the RBK jersey's modernism. Good work!
  23. I like the whale-smashing-through-C logo, but not the current colour scheme. Those jerseys are horrible; some of the worst in the NHL. The blue, the red, the silver, the black...they just don't look good. That said, if they could maintain the orca logo, I'd be all for it. Just change the colours.
  24. A-hahahahaha! That's one of the funniest things I've ever read on here. To think that a sports championship game is solely responsible for the survival or extinction of a numbers system is too funny. Might I add that this post is copyright MMVII.