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  1. Wow. What lame choices. Capitals? Flyers? Can they really not think of some original names? And asking fans to choose their favourite jerseys and logos is ridiculous. Why not just come out and say, "We're too cheap to find original jersey templates and logos, so we're gonna use an NHL team's jersey and copy the Kamloops Blazers." For shame. On a side note, does anyone think it might be confusing to name them Oil Kings with the team in Brandon being called the Wheat Kings? Just wondering...
  2. You may have seen the video earlier in this thread, but here's the pic:
  3. I actually own that Kansas City hat...but I bought it because it's Olde English and there's a crest on the front that features a regal lion. I'm a big fan of lions....but...um....that font's pretty cool, too...
  4. Ladislav Smid is an unknown defenseman? The way the Ducks have been talking him up the last couple of years, you'd think he's the next Pronger himself. According to TSN.ca... Smid, 20, was the Ducks' top defence prospect and was rated as the 10th-best prospect in The Hockey News Future Watch issue. The Czech native also has good size at 6-foot-3, 204 pounds. The 9th overall pick in 2004, Smid had 28 points and a plus-14 rating with the Portland Pirates of the American Hockey League last season. Overall, two players and three potential picks is a pretty big cost for Pronger. Especially when Lupul and Smid were seen as the foundation for the Ducks for years to come. But I figure that with Niedermayer and Pronger back there now, it's gonna make Bryzgalov's job a lot easier (or Giguere's, if they ever go back to him).
  5. Winner. I don't know. To me that looks like the Beast from the Disney movie. I was thinking it looks more like a gargoyle....nothing like a bison. For one thing, bison are not fast animals. They're big, hulking, powerful bulldozers. Therefore, their manes do not flow like waterfalls. Even when charging, their manes are not long enough to flow like a thoroughbred's, for example. But, back on topic, these designs have much more promise and legitimacy than the Buffaslug. Just get rid of that shield. The sabres and white buffalo belong in a circle (which, consequently, is also a strong Aboriginal symbol, at least in my area).
  6. Lemme help him out... TSN Report
  7. Could those possibly be the new-fangled "Cool Base" jerseys they wear on hot days? I'm not really clear on what's the deal with those, but mlbshop.com's been flooding my email inbox trying to intice me to buy on of them. Though it would make sense that they just plastered a special crest on some cheaper jerseys since they're only wearing them once. (Sorry for the repetitive post bitching about the lack of red jerseys...)
  8. My first reaction was, "Black jerseys for Canada Day? With the old numbers?" This was worse execution than the new Sabres logo. I mean, if they went through the trouble of producing a crest with a red shadow, couldn't they have scooped up some red jerseys at least? The old numbers indicate to me that they're being cheap...or can't afford a one-game-only set since they're paying Ryan, Burnett, Glaus, Overbay, and Molina so much. Well at least they're winning. But shame on them for their half-assed attempt at honoring Canada.
  9. Praise be to Roger for not including a mustard alt!
  10. All I'm gonna say is that this looks like it was inspired when an infant spit up its peas and applesauce.
  11. I'd just like to point out that no one uses wood anymore. Other than that, you hit the nail on the head.
  12. I rarely post on anything anymore, but Greg, sir, this is top-grade wit. Much applause is deserved. Clap clap clap.
  13. Aside from the fact that almost every penalty shootout shot goes in -- except for your last one, meaning you always lose 5-4 in penalties -- this game is awesome. Graphics, menu presentation, skills like man marking and free kicks...all fantastic. FIFA05 was great, and while this year's version is largely unchanged, it's still the best EA game out there. Oh, and I preferred the commentary of John Motson and Ally McCoist from FIFA05, but I'm getting used to Clive Tyldesley and Andy Gray. Clive just doesn't say "dispossessed" like John did...
  14. Heh heh. Kinda makes Brian Urlacher look gentle.
  15. Simple. Devils hockey = zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Same reason they should never carry a Minnesota Wild game.
  16. The deal calls for NBC to broad cast 6 weeks of the regular season. NBC is broadcasting the 4 weeks up till the olympics as sort of an olympic preview and they are broadcasting the final 2 weeks of the season. Thus march get cut out. Hopefully if things go well they can ad more games in the future. It's good that NBC's covering the last 2 weekends of the season. However, the Olympics only run from the middle to the end of February. So why no games in March? Is NBC covering the NCAA Tourney or something?
  17. What makes this concept good? Two words: NO MOOTERUS. That Jackets' jersey is probably the best in the NHL (at the very least, the best alt, anyway), so it'll fly with most teams. Solid work here.
  18. Well that'll just add to the embarassment the Kings are gonna hand the Stars tonight, I guess. It looks like the Stars' marketing department really doesn't wanna let this monstrosity die...
  19. Wow. Look at everyone doing so well......I went 1-11-1. Hockey's more my forte.
  20. Canada's goaltending is questionable, but they are still the heavy favourites, just because no one else has shown a sign of dominance in recent years.
  21. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Gretzky family.
  22. HAHAHA lmao , cus its true. Has the Sens ever gotten past the 2nd round, oh wait i know why cus we keep beating them, muahah. Oh ya... Go Leafs Go !! I'll see ya sens on Sat, lol. See: 2003 Eastern Conference Final.