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  1. Though I despise them, I cannot fathom how you could omit the Montreal Canadiens from this rather subpar list. It's OK if you're not a hockey fan, but to place the Broncos of the 1990s on the list and ignore the Habs is irresponsible at best.
  2. improved offensive flow?! if anything, the flow of the NHL has disappeared, imo. the key contributor to the LACK of flow, and the key contributor to the increased scoring, is the parade to the penalty box. And that's a bad thing?
  3. Does anyone else find it funny how Gary Bettman says he loves Canada so much because ratings are up 50% on CBC and up 200% on TSN, but then he says placing teams back in Winnipeg and/or Quebec City is not happening? ''Oh, do I love Canada,'' Bettman told a National Press Club lunch crowd, noting that ratings have risen 50 per cent on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada and a whopping 200 per cent on TSN since the 2003-04 season. ... But Bettman doesn't forsee a return to small-market Canadian teams such as Winnipeg or Quebec City. "That's not something we're looking at right now. It's not on the radar screen." TSN's Story
  4. #2 looks very nice. #1 reminds me of some team from the old "Blades of Steel" game on Nintendo. I don't know which one (or if there's actually a team in that game that uses those colours), but the colours clash so much it's gotta be from the game.
  5. I'm thinking it's more than most kickers make in their entire CFL careers...
  6. Paul McCallum is shaking in his boots right now, I tell you. Now, if Brian knows how to kick a ball through his own endzone to give up a safety instead of a TD, the Riders are set.
  7. I thought the exact same thing and posted it just a minute ago in the WS thread. I don't think it'll happen because the Cubs are eternally doomed for some reason, but it'd definitely seem fitting for the longest droughts in baseball to end. 86 years, 88 years, then 98 years? It could happen, but I doubt it. There's something mystical about losing streaks that long, and it kinda seems disappointing (better word?) when they end the drought. But who knows for sure? We'll find out eventually, I guess...
  8. Well, this was anti-climactic. Congrats to the Sox. Now it's all up to the Cubbies....but don't hold your breath. (Actually, I shouldn't say that. The way things are going right now, the Cubs are due next. Still, holding one's breath can NOT be good for the brain.)
  9. Matinee WS games is the traditional route, but we will NEVER see another day game in the Series. Why? Well, TV is all about ad revenue. What we watch on TV is the program, right? We think it is, but that's not it. What networks really want viewers for are the commercials. They don't give a damn about the show. It's just the filler between the ads. Thus, ratings rule, because advertisers value high ratings to maximize profits...and networks can charge more for ad time with high ratings. That said, if people think 8 ET starts create bad ratings towards the later innings, it'd be nothing compared to the paltry ratings they'd get in the afternoon. Sure, there'd be some people playing hookey from work/school to watch the day game, but the only way for everyone to make money is to show the games when everyone is home....which is most commonly in the mid-to-late evening (8 to 11; prime time). 1:05 would be nice and warm and fuzzy ("Ah, the good ol' days"), but it is highly impractical for money-hungry networks and advertisers. That's just the way it is.
  10. This thread sux. C'mon. You had to see it coming...
  11. Aahhh, the memories. Now, can we bring back those jerseys?
  12. My recommendation is that if the green is going to be the dominant colour on the hem, it should also be dominant on the sleeves (or if the black's dominant on the sleeves, it should be dominant on the hem, too). The choice is yours. As well, drop the yellow triangles in the armpits. Looks like bad deodorant stains or something... Other than that, good work here.
  13. ...in the lightning, in the lightning, in the rain...
  14. I've often wondered what "rmered" meant...
  15. Not to mention that this thread is in the "Concepts" section and not "Requests."
  16. Definitely. Pick one colour and run with it on the alt. I like the tip o' the hat with the St. Pats, but blue and green don't work together here too well. Other than that, this is a solid concept. Good work.
  17. wheateater


    Who's gotta be that lesbian chick?
  18. 3. What the :censored: is NECKCAR? Every single sport on earth requires the fans to rotate their heads to watch it. It isn't exclusive to auto-racing. --Roger "Time?" Clemente. Just a guess, but Curty may be referring to the popularity of NASCAR among redNECKs. Boogitty.....boogitty....boogitty... EDIT: ...and I am now superfluous.
  19. I'm not sure about the all-green socks and the nearly-100% monochrome treatment of the home set, but otherwise, this is great work!
  20. Sad. Gonna be another long year for Raptors fans, no?
  21. Yes, Troy Westwood wears a single bar that basically looks like a chinstrap. It's so low that if he ever got a knee to the face, it would perform no protective service whatsoever....and that's what I like about it. Call Saskatchewan a bunch of banjo-picking hillbillies, will ya? Take a knee, bitch!
  22. As a heads-up, the Lethbridge Hurricanes will be unveiling their 3rds at the end of the month (think: 2 weeks). There are no rumours abounding suggesting what they'll look like, but given their current design, they should be decent.....compared to Portland's.
  23. If he's a crackdog, why's he clenching a syringe in his teeth?
  24. One would think you'd be used to that, being a Republican and all...
  25. Comment je souhaite voir le pape porter un chapeau des Cardinals de St-Louis... ! ! ! Puisqu'il avait l'habitude d'être cardinal jusqu'à fin avril 2005. A-hahahahahahaha!!! Oh, wait. En francais... Anh-hanh-hanh-hanh!!!