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  1. I'm sure it's really funny in French...
  2. My God. Did you just do what I think you did? You're using a video game as support to your claim that something that never happened would have happened given the opportunity? :censored:, man, the Kings won 3 other games besides Game 6. That alleged best team ever got beat, plain and simple. Shouldn't they have won 16 straight games that year then?
  3. Oh jeez. Don't anyone overreact here. He's just playing a mind game with everyone, and right now, it seems like he's winning. He's pissing off a lot of people, but that's his job. If he can knock some guys off their games, then he's worth the contract he's playing for. He may not seem like the smartest guy around and I'll admit some of the stuff he says is pretty stupid, but that's his way. He's a pest on (and, in this case, off) the ice, and if guys wanna waste their time trying to kick the :censored: out of him, all the better. Plus, he can back it up if need be (see 2003-04 PIMs leaders). While I would be quite angry/disappointed if he used a racial slur, there is no substance to any of those accusations. There's no way to prove it. Still, if he actually did call Laraque a "monkey," so be it. That term can be understood in many ways. If he used the term, who's to say he meant it like Disney did in "The Jungle Book"? It's not as if he used the n-word and someone besides Laraque claimed to hear it, so they've got nothing on him. If anyone's got a problem with him, try and catch him on the ice. He'll back it up....and he can score every now and then, too.
  4. How can you assume Andreychuk or Gilmour would have scored on the power play? Plus, how do you know they'd have won the Cup? This is argument is nonsense. Using that logic, I could say that if McSorley hadn't been caught with an illegal stick, then the Kings would have won Game 2, gone home, and swept the Habs to win the Cup. It's not true, yet it somehow holds more weight than your diatribe. However, I can at least admit that if the Kings had been able to perform in OT in those 3 games (2,3, and 4), they could've just as easily won. Likewise, had the Leafs allowed fewer than 4 powerplay goals in Game 6, and had they been able to stop Gretzky in Game 7, they could've easily won. They did neither; therefore, they were unable to even get a chance at the Cup-destined Canadiens. I've said it before and I'll say it again: GET OVER IT, LEAFS NATION! (And I just broke your request, Creamer.... )
  5. This sounds just like iccomics' latest narrative about how he gave the Heimlich maneuver to Sasquatch, who was choking on some Samsquanch Snacks.
  6. To be fair, Kerry Fraser has admitted it was a missed call, but at the time, he was screened from seeing that play (conveniently or not). ...but good thing you mention it was only Game 6, indicating that you acknowledge the Leafs' folly in also not being able to win Game 7.
  7. Didnt the Wanks win it on 2000? Thats part of this century, isnt it? No. There was no year 0 A.D. The first century started in 1 A.D., and lasted for 100 years up to 101 A.D. Therefore, 2000 was the last year of the 20th century (1901-2000). Anyway, on an anti-Yankee note... Playoff payroll: $203,000,000. No more Yankees in the playoffs: Priceless. There are some things money can't buy....
  8. Watching the Bombers-Lions Thanksgiving Day game on CBC, Winnipeg is wearing an all-gold jersey with solid navy numbers. They're wearing white pants with a thick blue stripe between two thin gold stripes. Is this a new alt of theirs or is it strictly a throwback thing they're trying out for Canadian turkey day?
  9. As far as I know, teams are free to have their stadiums face whichever direction they want. There's no mandate that says all stadiums must face the same way, since it'd be tough to enforce in some cases because of city layouts and such. For instance, by going to mlb.com, clicking on "Scoreboard," selecting yesterday's games, and clicking on "Gameday" above whatever linescore you wish, you can see the stadium outlines with a little compass in the bottom right-hand corner. Straightaway CF at Jacobs Field is straight North of homeplate. Straightaway CF at Rogers Centre is straight North of homeplate. Straightaway CF at Ameriquest Field is Southeast of homeplate. Straightaway CF at Fenway Park is Northeast of homeplate. Straightaway CF at Safeco Field is Northeast of homeplate. EDIT: mjrbaseball's link covers it very nicely...
  10. 44 points for the Rangers? I know you're hardly the optimist when it comes to that team, but that's a really low number. I'm talking 1992-93 San Jose Sharks and Ottawa Senators low. There is no way in today's NHL, with the point for simply making OT, that any team will finish with fewer than 55 points. And on top of that (this isn't your fault), you have underrated the Kings. Andy Murray will not be fired. And barring another 600 or so man games lost to injury, the Kings WILL make the playoffs this year.......ahead of Anaheim, too. Take that, Rog.
  11. [Cleveland Brown] Eewww, that's nasty. [/Cleveland Brown]
  12. Way to offer up some constructive criticism, you little marmot.
  13. Who the hell blew that coverage?? Somebody sure slept through the team meetings... [/threadjacking]
  14. I think the red "hair" of the whatever-the-hell-that-is on top of the maple leaf blends into the leaf because they're the same colour. In other words, maybe look at a different hair colour to differentiate it from the leaf backdrop. Pretty good start you got here.....though I have no idea what a "maple bomber" is...
  15. It's very hard to tell who's gonna have a good season among all these old guys. The lockout may very well have taken a round out of their skill, but there's no way to really tell for certain. Having said that, I'd take Lucky Luc. True, he's my hero and all, but honestly, I think he stands the best chance of putting up good numbers this year. Injury-wise, he is very durable. He may have trouble adapting to the quick-transition style of play most people foresee for this year, but Lucky always finds a way to be in the right place at the right time -- and he delivers. Watch who he plays with, though. If he (or any of these guys) is relegated to the third line, you may just have to forget about it. But I think he'll be playing with some good talent in LA, as Andy Murray has taken a liking to Alexander Frolov, Jeremy Roenick, and Mike Cammalleri on the top unit. That means Luc is likely to play with Craig Conroy or Valeri Bure or both. He should have a decent year, so long as he's able to keep up. And with his legendary workout regimen, it looks like he should be in good enough shape.
  16. Yep, them White Sox sho did avoid looking like idoits...for at least another week. Hopefully, Cleveland can squeeze in with the Wild Card to avoid more Yanks/Sawks :censored: in the playoffs.
  18. How many times does Will have to say he's not a Steelers fan? In fact, I don't think a single Steelers fan has posted in this thread yet...
  19. If the season had ended on July 31, then Chacin would've easily won the AL ROY. However, when you consider that Gus has won just one game since then (he's 1-4 in his last 10 starts), he's kinda fallen off the ROY radar. Though he's kept his ERA in the 3s (never higher than 3.81) and has performed very well, he just doesn't have enough wins and hasn't been able to continue his high level of play in the dog days and beyond to grab this award. He'll get votes, but I see him finishing 3rd.
  20. AL - Tadahito Iguchi (if he qualifies; if he doesn't, then it'd be Swisher) .277 BA 14 HR 67 RBI 133 H 70 R 24 2B 5 3B 14 SB 45 BB .342 OBP .435 SLG .777 OPS NL - Garrett Atkins (yeah, he plays in Colorado....so what?) .284 BA 13 HR 81 RBI 135 H 59 R 28 2B 45 BB .350 OBP .429 SLG .779 OPS
  21. Now THAT'S an understatement! I would like nothing more than having 2 AL Central teams in the playoffs so that those idiots at FOX have to pay attention to some other teams besides the Sawks and Yanks.
  22. Anybody else thinking White Castle? Seriously though, great work. I love the two-tone blue. Very well-executed here.