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  1. I was kinda hoping the Yankees would be tanking like the White Sox are, but oh well. It'd be funny if the ChiSox collapsed like that one kid in the spelling bee last year, but I don't think it'll happen, EVEN THOUGH the Sox play the Indians six more times this year. Anything can happen, I suppose.
  2. ...even though one can turn it off simply by clicking on the speaker icon beside the word "Audio" in the top right corner...
  3. wheateater

    O's logo

    Personally, I don't get it. It seems a bit (well, not "a bit"...more like "a lot") abstract, really. - Why does it look like the bird's got lips? - I get the curvy unibrow as the seams to a baseball, but it looks like a cross between Roman Cechmanek's Philadelphia days and The Rock's People's Eyebrow. - Speaking of eyes, why does the bird's right eye look good, while the left eye looks like someone smacked this guy with the ugly stick? - Again, what's with the swoosh? - Why the tiny overflow of orange just between the right eye and the top of the beak? - And do I really need to mention the two different fonts? Better than four as on the Washington concept, but these don't mix. Yeah, dude, this :censored: is weird.
  4. This is where I beg to differ. I fully agree that the ball & glove is unique and extremely creative. I salute it on its merits. But I don't think it is the best way to go for a Brewers concept. While I don't think the Brewers' current look is the ultimate look, I do think it ties the team nickname - and indirectly, the city's history - far better than the ball & glove ever could. And it is for that reason that I would just as soon not see the ball & glove return. I'd rather have something that refers better to beer, brewing, or the people who do it, who are the inspiration for the nickname. That's all very true. I have no problem with the current set, either. The cursive script is downright lovely, really, and I appreciate the nod towards the agricultural roots of the area and its main industry with the barley head below the "M". Still, I understand that the MB logo has nothing to do with brewing beer, and your reasoning holds a hell of a lot more water than that "Death to the ball-in-glove logo!" nonsense.
  5. Here we go again... - Logo's way too jagged, for starters. - The "blue" is far too close to purple, as mentioned. - Those waves don't match the straight stripes on the arms. Sorry to say this, but this design is hardly an upgrade. But at least Long Island is no longer a shark...
  6. These kinda look like hats they'd give out to "the first 25,00 fans through the door." I agree that wearing them outside the stadium would be stupid. Man, most of these just look plain silly...
  7. Wow. Very well put. Regarding the article, I would give anything to have any of my teams win a championship, so I can't understand why anyone would want to give it up because it's a different feeling. Side note: The Kings have never won a Cup. The Jays haven't won since 1993 and won't ever win again (unless there's a cap or something). The Roughriders are like the CFL's Cubs....no wins since 1989 in a (now) nine-team league. And the Titans haven't won ever...unless you count the Oilers' 1961 AFL Championship. If any of those teams won, I wouldn't even consider for a second giving it up. Then again, I don't really know what winning feels like. It's been so long since '93. So to wish a team had been able to keep losing is idiotic.....unless it's the Yankees.
  8. Though at the risk of looking like the Orioles, I'd suggest droppin the yellow in favour of orange......or red, given the "red breasted robin" moniker the bird sometimes carries. As well, I like the font as a font, but it doesn't fit for robins, as has been touched on. Perhaps a more classic cursive style would work. I don't know, though....I suck at wordmarks. Now, of the birds on your previous watermarked post, I'd go with the top one. Looking good so far, and I'd like to see where this goes.
  9. Hmm. There's a definite Chicago White Sox (duh...) and LA Dodgers feel here. I'm not sold on the home pinstripes (though I understand the inspiration....again, duh, don't mind me), but I love the road set. I think it really works for Quebec, given the provincial flag. Kinda makes a guy wanna separate... Good work.
  10. Well I like it... However, there is a large and vocal group who would rather see the so-called "ball-in-glove" logo disposed of like baby wipes. But I see this logo as genius, so I have to like it. However, I'm not sure about making the M and B stand out by coloring them differently. The powder blue (or whatever you choose to call it) is pretty good, but I could live without the brown. Other than that, this is pretty solid work. Now let the barrage of "DEATH TO THE BALL-IN-GLOVE" cries begin. (Take cover, man. )
  11. You mean like they wore in 2003-04 in games like these? (And if you can read Czech, even better!)
  12. ...or if there wasn't so much red mixed in there...
  13. I think this one is pretty sharp... ...and to answer Creamer's question, "No logo on the back."
  14. I love HNIC, but I also enjoy MLB on FOX, NFL on FOX, NFL on CBS (current version), and the NBA on NBC (which, oddly enough, was sampled in a song by Nelly on his "Sweat" album). And for other Canadians, do you remember the Speedy/Labatt Blue Jays Baseball on CBC theme? There was something about that one...
  15. I think I know the answer to this question, but is the OLN in the States different/separate from the OLN/Outdoor Life Network up here in Canada? I'm just curious. I'd love to see 4 extra Kings games since TSN isn't likely to show them too much. But I digress...
  16. wheateater

    LA Kings Concept

    He always has been.....that, and awkwardly holding the stick (must be the lack of opposible digits) while simultaneously stepping on a puck. Yeah, it's odd.
  17. Anybody else seeing a face in the wave there? It looks kinda stoned, but to me, there appears to be a pair of eyes with a flat nose and mouth in the wave. The two highest/pointiest points in the wave are the eyes......weird. But that's beside the point. ANYWAY...... This is a great alt logo, though I do believe the wave could use some more green (?) rather than simply being white and tan. Also, as mentioned earlier, the bite in the buoy could use some extra definition. All-in-all, this is a terrific logo (and I wouldn't mind having you design an alt logo for my WAmFL team ). Keep up the great work!
  18. wheateater

    LA Kings Concept

    Hmm. Not bad. As a Kings fan, I'm almost obligated to like it, but it's really not bad at all. The offset LA superimposed on the sticks looks a little awkward (maybe just have them at the same level). And placing that design over the heart (where the C's and A's go) is strange. I love the striping along the hem, but I'm puzzled at why the crown was not included in this set. IMO, it's the better of the two logos they currently have. Good work, anyway.
  19. Ah, shonny-boy, I remember back when February had 31 days and came right before Smarch. Them Smarch days was lousy for weather, but we were tougher back then than these little wipper-shnappers are today. Damn that Wilfred Laurier for a-changin' our calendar to keep up with the rest of the world.
  20. Yous has to do it yoosing the Adobee U dont now anythign. Know, lemme tell u somthnig....samsquanch is reel! I seen him just know. Hes big and fluffy, and waks like a baer on it's legs. Its real cool, u now?
  21. I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but just so you know, domestic chickens (whether hen or rooster) have all but lost the ability to fly.
  22. 21. MS Paint. Paint don't cost nuthin'. Hard work and hard liquor....though my concepts are hardly "great."
  23. I love the away uni. It could use a little dark blue and red striping somewhere (maybe along the dividing line between the powder blue and the white), but it's lookin' good. The home......eh, not so much. I like the idea, but it just doesn't work for anything other than a fashion jersey really...
  24. All I can suggest is that the eye looks a little too angry in comparison to the reference photo. In the photo, the man looks very dignified and isn't squinting or glaring or what have you. But if you want to go the route of angry/determined warrior, it still looks awesome. Great work!
  25. Why not? I've seen the first "Rush Hour" enough times already, and "Rush Hour 2" has been out for at least 4 years, so show that one now! Yeesh!