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  1. Unpopular opinion alert! I hate the orange pants. Don’t know why, no good reason. Just hate them.
  2. Well, I for one, want to congratulate the Cincinnati Bengals on solidifying their place atop the best helmet in the league table.
  3. I realize I’m in the minority, but the farther they get away from creamsicle, the better. I’m a fan of Bucco Bruce, but that color pallet is dated like avocado colored kitchen appliances.
  4. Paul has a scoop with mockup
  5. Reds reintroduced their vest look in ‘93
  6. I just hope this is the last game the Bengals wear the current uniforms.
  7. What the... I can’t... is this... wha... huh...?
  8. My club, Swansea City, reveals new kits for 19-20
  9. Eh, could it be better? Sure, but it has a simplicity like the current Juventus badge. I kinda like it.
  10. Feel bad for Austinites as they have to deal with this D bag of an owner.
  11. The marlin is black. I don’t like that. Otherwise it’s ok, I guess.