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  1. What the... I can’t... is this... wha... huh...?
  2. My club, Swansea City, reveals new kits for 19-20
  3. Eh, could it be better? Sure, but it has a simplicity like the current Juventus badge. I kinda like it.
  4. Feel bad for Austinites as they have to deal with this D bag of an owner.
  5. The marlin is black. I don’t like that. Otherwise it’s ok, I guess.
  6. Seems to me that the “Magic Johnson” inspiration for this uniform was his show The Magic Hour. And by that, I mean the goal must’ve been to make it very terrible.
  7. I like to see Columbus with a club. First ever MLS team and unofficial home of USMNT
  8. Crew SC’s excuse for an owner has announced his intent to move to Austin next year, the amount of backlash has been substantial. Different things have been done both in front and behind the scenes but in the interest of this group, the #SaveTheCrew gang has endeavored to create a Supporters kit with actual local sponsorship. Very cool indeed.
  9. With the exception of Dallas, MLS is looking mighty fine this upcoming season
  10. Sweet! Were talking about uniforms again. My hope for for the Titans is that they just change their silly 90’s number font. Anything else is gravy.