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  1. Just a stylized rendition of their secondary it looks like. I like it though.
  2. Nutrition. I’m 44 but I constantly get carded because I look like I’m still in middle school. Lol
  3. Hey, we are 2 for 2 in saving the Crew. here a mock-up of what the new logo could look like. I’d personally like the 96 to fit in better, but hey, I’ll still take this win.
  4. They should “49ers helmet” this immediately. Here in Columbus, I haven’t seen/heard/tweet anyone who likes this. Terrible decision.
  5. I’m not understanding the point of the white pants with orange stripes. Why didn’t they just fill in the white space with black? It would make more sense in mix and matching. Odd design decision. The uniform as a whole looks better though.
  6. Just over an hour away from the reveal and I’m impressed over how little has gotten out. Besides the eBay leaks, which I believe are real, but don’t necessarily reflect how it will look on a player on the field. We still haven’t seen the pants or socks or the whole set together. Kudos to the Bengals. Additionally, I’m impressed with Elizabeth Blackburn’s handling of this whole social media aspect of the Bengals. Since Mike Brown has given up some of his control, his daughters (Katie as well) have kicked all the ass in presenting the Bengals as an important NFL franchise. Hope their play on the field reflects this new attitude as well.
  7. Great video, but nerds like us were probably quick to think about the year before the Bengals switched to the still current uniforms, Marvin Lewis introduced black pants, worn twice, on the first and last day of that season. https://images.app.goo.gl/7uqGz2wKzUiHrpbXA
  8. News coming today? Chad Johnson is in town so maaaaybe the reveal could be coming?
  9. Not to me anyway. Miami’s white face mask is so distracting to me, perhaps because of its brightness.
  10. The cardinal logo is striking, and is a very strong image. It’s also the lone imagery of any kind on the helmet. Any color face mask would draw attention away from the logo. grey is an neutral, invisible color.
  11. Or so the Germans would have us believe.
  12. I’m not overwhelmed, I’m not underwhelmed. I’m just whelmed.
  13. Wouldn’t the graphic use the newer MLS number? I call shenanigans
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