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  1. Penalty to chief103182, 5 minutes for disgracing the Winged Wheel, and a board misconduct.
  2. I know that a lot of Tigers fans love the old circle logo, so I decided to take it and modernize it. It uses the Tiger head from the current primary and a font that is very close to the text used in the "diamond" logo: I'm in love.
  3. No plop? I could've sworn that every time these two teams play that the world stops. At least that's what ESPN is telling everyone.
  4. That typestyle CD would be awesome, but damn, that's pricey!
  5. Me and my friends drove to Cleveland at 5 in the morning to watch the Tigers lose 2-0 on a Sunday in 2000. Soooo booooring.
  6. Dude, your cousin is hot.
  7. Wow, Live Trace is amazing! I need to get Illustrator CS2 from JourneyEd real soon. It's going to suck when I graduate. No more discount software.
  8. Ewww, shower mold! Those uniforms were one of the worst in the history of sports.
  9. Personally, I wish the Pistons would drop the silver and the gradients in the ball logo, like so:
  10. If the Pistons change anything more than their logo, I will be very pissed. I love their current uniforms and I own an authentic Ben Wallace road jersey.
  11. I can't wait until the new design is released. I've always thought their current scheme was a hideous mish-mash of dark colors.
  12. OK, by popular demand, here's my Texas Rangers concept with more focus on blue than red. Logos: Jerseys: I really didn't care for the middle piping on these and I thought the two-toned hats looked better all around.