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  1. So, in the span of two days, Pujols managed a stolen base, being targeted for pick-offs, and drawing a balk. In 2021.
  2. George McPhee's reputation continues to crater. Fleury finding out about his trade on Twitter after winning the Vezina, Haula finding out the day before his wedding when his keycard access to the parking lot was revoked... Stay classy, Vegas.
  3. It’s not unprecedented. 1956 saw the equestrian moved from Melbourne to Stockholm due to quarantine laws and 2008 from Beijing to Hong Kong due to horse disease.
  4. This. And the lack of awareness that Bill Buckner, Greg Norman, Jean van de Velde, and the 2014 San Jose Sharks didn't face the prospect of death, nor were there global pandemics or sexual assault histories at play.
  5. Armchair quarterbacks belittling peoples' mental health hits a nerve.
  6. Choking would be her going out there anyway, falling on her face, and costing the team. As @MJWalker45 said, this is the opposite of choking. And, quite frankly considering the absolute $#!+show of circumstances right now, could anyone in her position be in a place to succeed? An empty arena, family thousands of miles away, constant nasal swabs, living in an antiseptic lockdown. At least the NBA bubble had access to parts of Disney World. And again, the part that needs to be repeated. SHE. WAS. RAPED. AS. A. CONDITION. OF. HER. SPOT. ON. THE. TEAM.
  7. Remind me of all the times that GOAT Michael Jordan risked death if his mind wasn't right after an all-night gambling bender.
  8. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt that the sarcasm emoji was left out. But, if not... A four-time Olympic gold medalist, who was shoved under a gargantuan microscope as the main draw of an ill-conceived money grab of an Olympics more in a Petri dish than in a bubble, without any fans or family around to give support, who had to endure sexual assault as a sick right of passage just to be let in the door, who has had her difficulty points manipulated due to her being so much better that they don't want competitors attempting suicidal moves to come anywhere close to matching her, who can risk paralysis or death if she has the absolute smallest iota of something distracting her, who is very much at the upper age limit of a sport that regularly has barely pubescent girls in medal contention, pulling herself out of competition for her mental health is not choking.
  9. And leave it to the mouth breathers with their “ShEz A qUiTtEr!” takes. Imagine what would have happened if she pushed through, got lost mid-air again, and broke her neck.
  10. Baseball's growing in Australia so I could see 2032 also having it.
  11. New candidate for the Wide World of Sports agony of defeat:
  12. Member has been suspended for one year for posting a politically incendiary concept in the Concepts forum.
  13. Seeing as how Alex Kerfoot and Jared McCann are not the same player I don't know much stock can be taken in this.
  14. Probably Manfred taking notes from the Raiders fiasco and preventing multiple years of lease-renewing lame duck status.
  15. I can confirm. My cousin went to Stanford for volleyball. The athletic department can't actually offer you a scholarship until you apply to the university and your application is accepted like any other student. It's actually amazing that the school has such a strong athletic program since not only do athletes have to be accepted by one of the most prestigious universities in the world but they have to bank on students holding off accepting other offers until the application process is finished.
  16. Not to mention that a return in Oakland was seen as a last grasp way back when the Fremont plan imploded.
  17. Much better guys. Now throw everything bone in a pit and never speak of it again.
  18. Because typically numbers like 3, 4, 5, etc have more bends in them when written then 0 or 1.
  19. Agreed. I don’t think there’s been any action from the DA because the case has so many holes in it (encore performance, text messages stipulating desires, 125 mile drive to the hospital with a cracked skull, etc.) and the restraining order was a play to either hurry a decision or to have something documented for the civil trial.
  20. The LA Times has a good legal analysis. Short version - there's reasonable doubt and expect a lawsuit.
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