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  1. Let's not kid ourselves here, the WAC has been in desperation mode for years and I'm shocked that they got multiple D-I schools to fall for their shell game. The only thing keeping them alive has been bringing up D-II scabs. I don't see how this FCS to FBS springboard plan has any chance to work here.
  2. WCC is far more likely. The Big West, with Pacific gone, is exclusively UC/Cal States except for Hawaii whereas Seattle's a Jesuit school that is more in-line with the WCC profile.
  3. The Kings have a helmet sponsor.
  4. As much as the European identity styles are panned, this is an absolutely massive upgrade.
  5. To provide an update to a few issues... *I just started the process of reindexing the board. Hopefully that'll solve the issue with the search feature. It'll take a while. *The ad issues are being addressed. I have no idea what the timeframe will be but the process has started.
  6. LMU

    NBA court database

    Please do not post requests as this is a violation of the rules of the concepts forum.
  7. They're just hinting at their move to Utah next year.
  8. From what I read the true last straw was that he bolted after the game, ignoring the PR rep trying to make him available for the media, only to have a change of heart and take Zoom questions at home.
  9. Taking aside the turnover issues the absolutely infuriating thing with Goff is how he can have nothing but daylight in front of him, and they can even roll out a red carpet down the sideline for him with security and a velvet rope and he'd still hesitate five seconds before trying to run and even then he'd stop every two yards to pump fake instead of tucking the ball and moving faster than a power walk. Combine that with last week's thirty-yard attempts to convert 3rd and 4th and short and I'm at an absolute loss.
  10. Hey guyz, who wants to see my Las Vegas Cards expansion concept???????? Such an original name that doesn't sound like anything else!!!
  11. Thread will be unlocked once the team makes it official.
  12. So, I guess we can assume that if Fresno doesn't cut out the superiority complex that the Rockies will settle with Lancaster.
  13. @crashcarson15 has retired from the moderator team. We have decided to increase the moderator team to 11 members. Joining the team are @oldschoolvikings, @CS85, and @GeauxColonels.
  14. Yet, it was the only way that the Dodgers would win it with Roberts at the helm. It was almost prophetic. Someone had to out-Roberts Roberts for the curse to be lifted and boy did Kevin Cash come through in the clutch.
  15. In Turner's defense, as stupid as he and the whole situation were: *The whole team had been in a bubble for three weeks in the same hotel as the Dodgers played three series in Arlington *Notice of a positive test didn't reach the team until the 7th inning, after Turner had been sans mask around the whole team for all of pregame/6 innings *As close as the team has been anyone associated with the team would have already been exposed (e.g. the team had a BBQ dinner on Monday night) *In all practicality this was probably more of an optics issue than a health issue as whatever damage would have already been done
  16. And we take you to the celebration! *facepalm*
  17. Los Angeles Dodgers/Kings/Lakers organist Dieter Ruehle causing more strange liquid to emerge from my eyes.
  18. The constellation doesn't add anything behind the number. It clutters and looks like a mistake in the embroidery process. Also, the community wordmark doesn't work. It's way too generic. Another general issue - the front numbers need to be scaled down. They take up WAY too much space.
  19. I agree with this. There is a real disconnect with logos from different eras being shoved together and accompanied by loud, overly busy fills and patterns. The numbers get lost in many of these because they're forced into busy background images or they're given a busy fill pattern that clashes with everything around them. Another issue is font choice. Most of the wordmarks that aren't part of the team's actual package are very generic and clash with the rest of the look.
  20. It'll be interesting with Gonsolin because he's been jerked around so much that him actually being ready to go with the usual rest and not randomly plugged into a spot might help. He was reliable as a starter in the regular season but then he was thrown out against ATL after not throwing for 12 days. It'll also be interesting if we get the Game 2 Snell or the pre-WS Snell.
  21. A little quiet tonight. Must still be a little too toasty from last night’s scorching hot takes.
  22. Tomorrow's a shaky Glasnow with TB's bullpen completely drained. To call this series over is ludicrous.