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  1. Thunderbirds are go! Anyway, this is way too plain for me. The numbers on the pants shouldn't be there, and the home jersey needs a wordmark instead of the logo. Plus, there needs to be more sleeve striping.
  2. I agree that there's too much black in this. Ditch the black pants, and do something else with the arm striping. Otherwise, they're not too shabby.
  3. Very nice, as always, but the flames of the primary need work so that there's some order to them. And, try to work the miami script from the road uni into the wordmark.
  4. BUMP again, and, I emailed brassbonanza about a week ago, without a reply, and he's been posting recently, so I have no idea what the holdup is.
  5. Thank you! Somebody finally removes those damn stripes from the jerseys! I bow to you!
  6. I eliminated copper from the color scheme. If you want me to try old gold numbers, that I can do, but I honestly hate the copper.
  7. I was lazy when I made the original alt, because it was originally royal blue, and I just picked the color that would remove that from the scheme and so that I woulnd't have to recolor the numbers, which is a pain. Here's the new alternate.
  8. Ok, I eliminated the lighter blue, assigned navy pants to the home uniforms, and changed to a gold alternate as opposed to blue. But, I'm keeping the navy the way it is, because I think a darker navy looks better with gold.
  9. maybe put the new "B" logo on the helmet instead.
  10. I might as well bump this and see if this will get someone's attention to start this thing up.
  11. I have nothing wrong with using templetes, but using something that blatently associated with another team is either typical IHA or laziness, or both.
  12. Here are the unis. I based them all of the home templete, because once they removed the script, that blue diagional just looked really out of place. Home: Road: Alternate:
  13. yeah, i'll work on that after i finish this here physics homework... damn college professors!
  14. The black is navy, just a darker, almost yankee like shade. And, I just lightened the blue up.
  15. First, here are the recolored logos. I was getting really tired of the blue/black/copper scheme, so here's something hopefully more accurate for the name "Capitals." The colors are old gold, navy, and the red and blue shades found on the US Flag. I'll come up with uniforms sometime this weekend.
  16. Just the same, it kinda proves that this league is nothing but a parasite.
  17. Anyone notice that the Sault Mariners stole the Dallas Stars' uniform templete?
  18. I personlly think that the "A" on the helmet looks so much better than the numbers. I mean, I'm all for tradition, but some looks just need to be updated. *runs away from the angry mob*
  19. He already did that. Look at his Broncos concept for the HHO. I don't mean the whole bronco (like the concept), I mean only the head logo. To be honest, if they're going to make a new logo, just the head in the D would be a little too plain, and it would seem like it lacked effort, just because it's they're regular logo thrown into something else. So, if they're going to do something, I think skater's was the way to go.
  20. I have to ask, where'd you find that font? That font would be perfect for a Blue Jays concept!
  21. Manufacturers of blankets and such are never on top of logo changes. Hell, they are still making the periwinkle Disney Angels merchandise. So, odds are that a change that small wouldn't have been picked up by the manufacturer.
  22. Put my vote down for the Glory.
  23. He already did that. Look at his Broncos concept for the HHO.
  24. I'm loving the alternate. Nicely updated from the original "D" logo.