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  1. I see a few more tweaks that you can throw in. The numbers on the front of the jerseys can still be lowered a little bit, because they look kinda weird that close to the team name. The last names on the back should also be lowered so that it doesn't look like the logo has been crammed in. And, the "B" logo needs to have a white outline or a white-black outline, because the red of the logo disappears into the red uniforms and the blue disappers into the blue uniforms. And, if the logo above the last name doesn't work, perhaps put it right underneath the front collar.
  2. Good for an alternate. I like how it brings back the AFL-era logo.
  3. The problem is that with all the relocations and all the redesigns, cities really don't have the possibility to have a color identity. I'll take California as an example. SD- Navy/sand, Navy/yellow Anaheim- Red, Plum/jade LA- Red/Blue, Purple/Yellow, Blue, Purple/Silver/Black Oakland- Green/Yellow, Silver/Black, Blue/Red/Yellow SF- Black/Orange, Gold/Maroon So, that's the problem. A city could have a standard color, but when teams move, it changes the city's identity.
  4. I'd just remove the spokes behind the text. They look too much like the union jack. Other than that, that's a pretty cool logo.
  5. I'm not feeling the gray away cap. Either switch the bill and the cap, or just use the blue one. And, I would like to see more blue in the home wordmark instead of just an outline. And, here's an idea on how to use the maple leaf.
  6. F, but center "Phoenix" instead of it being off to the side.
  7. I have only two comments. Put the Chief head above the player name on the back, and the B above the player name on the alternate. And, add a little space between the team name and the number on the front of the jerseys. Other than those minor, minor critiques...
  8. OK, I really do like these, but there's a few things that I'd like to see tinkered with. First of all, the color scheme is WAY too close to the Wizards/Capitals. The skin tone looks like the copper/bronze on the DC teams' logos. Second, the arrow/spear in the secondary should be a little more detailed, with feather adornments and the flights at the opposite end. It right now looks too much like a generic arrow. And, I'm not feeling the hoop/feather logo. Now, if you made a dreamcatcher with a basketball design and put a B in the middle, that sir would be perfection.
  9. i like em. kinda has a packers vibe to it.
  10. I figured that, but it was just kinda interesting how they used the same description for the actual alternates and the others that they created for the game.
  11. Yeah, I'm not liking Pat on the sleeves either, but I was just making it according to shamrock's specs.
  12. Weren't there 3 entries in this?
  13. I just bought a used copy of ESPN NFL 2k5, and they'res quite a few different alternates than what I've seen. I know a thread was posted for madden, so if this has been done yet, just throw this in the graveyard. 49ers-gold jerseys, white numbers w/red outline, gold pants Bears-orange jerseys, navy numbers outlined in white, white pants Bengals-last year's all-black listed as a 2004 alt... no idea what that's about Buccaneers-black jerseys with white numbers outlined in orange, both pewter and whte pants Cardinals-blue jerseys with white numbers, white pants Chargers-all-navy set Dolphins-Orange jerseys, throwback, and navy jerseys with white numbers outlined in orange Eagles-black jerseys with white and green pants Falcons-mix and match of white, black, and red jerseys with white and black pants Giants-red jerseys with white numbers Lions-throwback, and all-silver set Packers-all-yellow set Patriots-gray jerseys, blue pants Raiders-all-silver set Rams-all-blue set, and gold jersey with blue pants Ravens-black jersey with white pants Redskins-all-white set Texans-red jersey with white pants Titans-powder blue jersey with white and blue pants Vikings-yellow jersey with white pants Very strange looks being sported. Especially the Lions and Raiders going all silver. Very weird.
  14. well, seeing as how the deadline passed, I guess this means that I'm in line for a medal! woohoo!
  15. Here you go, Merry Christmas...
  16. I'm not feeling the Rockies. They just need to get rid of the road pinstripes. And the Lightning is WAY too close to the Sharks.
  17. I'm just saying that we start the contest on sunday regardless. You'll still have at least a week to do your entry after that.
  18. I'm thinking that if brassbonanza doesn't start this by sunday night, someone not entering this should volunteer to moderate it, and make the cool little medals for the events. All in favor?
  19. Well, all I'd really like to see is the Cowboys not playing in the NFC East. I had the same problem with the Braves playing in the NL West until the realignment.
  20. LMU

    MLB Map

    The only problem with that realignment is the AL-NL history. Yes, I know it's for fun, but how about this little tweak so that the leagues and divisions are actually even? AMERICAN LEAGUE West Anaheim Oakland Seattle Texas Houston (yeah, I know, but this way a Dallas/Houston rivalry can develop) Central Kansas City Minnesota Chicago White Sox Cleveland Detroit East Toronto New York Yankees Tampa Bay Baltimore Boston NATIONAL LEAGUE West Los Angeles San Diego San Francisco Colorado Arizona Central St. Louis Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Milwaukee Pittsburgh East New York Mets Washington/Montreal/North Virginia Florida Philadelphia Atlanta So, just one change, but hey, it creates a fierce division rival, and it makes it so that the NL central doesn't have 2 more teams than the AL west, adding a little more competition to the mix.