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    MLB Map

    ok, I moved Cincinnati, used the other D-Backs logo, and changed the Mets to something more legible. And, I'm fully aware that the White Sox are too far south, but unless I wanted a huge image file, I had to put it there. And, I tried to put the Yankees and Cubs on the north, and Sox and Mets on the south, just so the identities of those portions of NYC and Chicago are shown. Because, I don't want to offend anybody by showing the Bronx east of Queens.
  2. LMU

    MLB Map

    Sorry, but geography is a hobby of mine, so I had to try out the sports map thing. And, this map includes most of Canada, so I'll either try the NHL map, or I can send a blank one to whoever wants one. I put the Senators on here, and put the international "no" symbol over the Expos, just to be ready for last year.
  3. We've been waiting too long the way it is. Besides, an olympiad is a contest, at least the last time i checked.
  4. No kidding. I've already made 8 different concepts for this thing, and I don't want them to go to waste!
  5. Yeah, I downloaded the logo from best brands, and the shade of blue in your set is different. Better though, because the original was more monotone. Case in point:
  6. That Otters jersey is just too nice. Good work!
  8. I love the recolor, and the new logo, but the red really looks out of place. Maybe bring back the teal from the original logo to use for the fleur-di-lis. Otherwise, they look good.
  9. Let me just point out the errors you made. Switch the Bengals and the Browns, Since Cleveland is on Lake Erie, and Cincinnati is on the Kentucky border. Also, the Patriots should be just east of Cape Cod instead of in Connecticut. And, you forgot the Arizona Cardinals. Besides that, this is pretty sweet, and it would be awesome to see something like that for every league to kinda visualize rivalries and propose division realignments and whatnot.
  10. Why exactly would the Oilers need modernization when the look was used until the 1999 season? Come on, quite a few teams have looks predating that by several decades. I mean, what's next, modernizing the Vancouver Grizzlies?
  11. What the hell, let's enter these in another contest...
  12. Geez, it seems like every contest anymore is for something I've already done. Anyway, here's mine back for a second run.
  13. Yeah, it's about time to start this thing, because I have made just about every concept I could think of.
  14. LMU

    Utah Freeze

    I'll give you credit. 100 times better than any of the modern ABA logos.
  15. Looks good, but the stripes at the bottom of the jersey should be whiter, and something needs to be added to the shoulders.
  16. LMU

    Angels contest

    has voting even started for this?
  17. Well, I'm hoping that this contest doesn't require that the team be in the designer's hometown, because mine kinda already has 2 teams...
  18. LMU


    Go to The Best Brands of the World, and search to get the vector logo, then set the resolution to a high value (about 250 pixels/inch or so). That'll fix the logo. I'm loving the concept, but I think that the stripes around the fleur-de-lises should be thicker, and maybe surrounded by white stripes. And, possibly add more to the collar region. Besides that, great concept.
  19. Yeah, when exactly does this start? I'm already running out of concepts to crank out off the top my head.
  20. That capitol building looks way too much like the US capitol. They had better be a Caps affiliate to use that, otherwise that will go to the top of the list of out of place logos.
  21. Here's a little idea that I'll throw out. Maybe make the alternate a basketball with "NY", but incorporate both buildings into the lettering. Like, make the Empire State Building into one of the sides of the N and then use the chrysler to make the vertical line of the Y. Just a thought...
  22. The only problem is that you used the prototype Bengals helmet instead of the actual.
  23. Well, for the record, us Los Angelenos could really use a team. Not so much just for the sake of having one, but to get the damn Los Angeles Raider fans to finally move on. I mean, it's sad when CBS is showing Raider games every week, and when the Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrance's mall and the 2nd largest mall in America, has a "Raider Nation" store. Come on people, enough is enough. The Raiders left, and it's about time to accept it. Now, as far as a site is concerned, Anaheim would work, but I would honestly perfer Carson, because it's only a 15 minute drive from here, and I might actually be able to se a few games... . But, I think that the return of the Los Angeles Chargers might be the most likely option, (I made them in Madden), so just throw them in some powder blue, get some decent management, and you have a winner. Hell, we get Chargers games and even a Chargers news magazine on LA TV, so we're almost a Charger town anyway
  24. Well, I'm in... Name: LMUpepBANDER College: Loyola Marymount University Lions Participate fully: most def