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    Forum problems

    yeah, that could be if the site banner, buttons, and emoticons are linked to a site like that. But, everything user posted is still working, so I have no idea what the problem is.
  2. I've noticed that all the forum's graphics are currently showing the notorious red X (site banners, smilies, etc.). Is there a problem with the site, or is this just my anti-virus program acting goofy? (if this belongs someplace else, be my guest and move it).
  3. I absolutely love these. I think that the current logos look a lot better with the original shade of green and silver anyway. The new uniforms look a little too busy to me, but these are awesome. Good work!
  4. Well, I was inspired after seeing this, so here's my shot at an Oregon State uni (my first attempt at a football uni)\ Home: Road: Alternate:
  5. Where to begin... first of all, you need to pick a logo. I don't care for how the new beaver is in some places and the older beaver is in others. It almost makes it look like a complete thrown together mish-mash. I can't stand the beaver tail on the helmets, nor as pants striping, nor as a logo on the alternate jersey. The helmet logo should either be the cursive "Beavers," the current Beaver logo, or something that says "Oregon St." The font needs to be changed, because not only does the font not work, but it needs an outline or something. The jerseys need some sort of color as well, because the all black and all white just doesn't work. Then, get some decent pants striping, and use a better shade of orange, because that looks way too pale. Good attempt, but sorry, I have to...
  6. Hat's off to you for the Kansas concept. My great-grandfather actually designed the Jayhawk, and he would be proud. Great joerb!
  7. Oh, and there's also Westlake in the Thousand Oaks area, and Echo Park Lake, plus a bunch of reservoirs
  8. Believe it or not, there actually is a lake called Lake Los Angeles. There aren't too many in the city, but in the surrounding mountains, there's Lake Castaic, Big Bear Lake, and Lake Arrowhead to name a few. Strange as it seems, yes, there are lakes in Los Angeles.
  9. Yeah, I heard about that. Terrible idea though. It would suck if the team was losing for a streak, and the fans had to stomach the fact that the fans and players would be reminded of mismanagement every time they heard the team's name. That would be like if the Clippers were renamed the Stirlings. Bad, bad idea. I still like the Dragons better, because a team name should represent the city and community, and not the owner. That's just greed right there.
  10. Well, looking through the rejected logos, I really like the first one in the third row (the one with the head in the C), just because that Bobcat actually looks fierce unlike the housecat in the actual logo. The second in the 6th row also had promise, because of the crowns on the shield. I still think that Dragons would have been a much better name, since not only are they quite menacing, but because that would connect to the whole regal connection with Charlotte as the Queen City. However, something tells me that a Gothic dragon couldn't incorporate the hip-hop look they were looking for. It's just amazing thinking about all the possibilities that were wasted. What's interesting is that Encarta says that a Bobcat is another name for a wildcat, so pretty much, that means that Charlotte borrowed the same mascot from Arizona, Kentucky, Northwestern, Kansas State, Villanova, etc. etc. So, doesn't is seem like they could have at least been somewhat original when choosing the name, yet alone the logo?
  11. I agree about the placement of the D on the jersey, but that's a great logo, and I love how you revamped the primary. That one looks so much better, especially with the line seperating the leg from the body, and with the open mouth. Much better than that rejected logo that everyone keeps bringing up. Good work.
  12. After seeing that, they would have been better off as the Dragons. Most of those logos are much better and more intimidating than all of the Bobcats logos, especially since Bobcats aren't all that threatening. Then, looking at the explination of the uniform, it looks like the "see-through" comment was referring to the gray mesh inserts, which isn't even all that see-through. Just, someone tell me, besides the side panels (which don't count), what is so revolutionary about the uniforms from a visual sense?
  13. The uniforms for the Freedom, but I can't stand those singular noun team names. Like the Magic, Heat, Galaxy, Fire, etc. Other than that, great work.
  14. Thanks for the vote, flameofatlanta. But, just for the record, it's LMUpepbander, as in Loyola Marymount University. This is just to inform everyone of that.
  15. LMU

    Angels contest

    As luck would have it, I already had one made.
  16. The Astros logo is using the current color scheme, as opposed to the orange/navy, and the astrodome is sill there because that's where the Astros started, so it's there for historical reasons.
  17. Well, I got my entry in before the deadline, and nobody has decided to mention it, so here it is...
  18. These are really nice. The only thing though is that I thought LA ditched silver and black when the Traitors (Raiders) ran away with their tails between their legs. Then again, most of LA still considers themselves as part of the Traitor Nation, so these might just fit in. And, I do like the recolored shoulder patches. Good work.
  19. Here's one that can possibly be used as an alternate.
  20. Gold: AbbeyBF2 (Pirates) Silver: joshuamings (Reds) Bronze: Geoff Der Idiot (D-Rays) Zinc: ABAsite (Expos)
  21. OK, I just tinkered with the concepts and I ended up ditching the red striping in favor for blue striping and a red outline around the numbers. In addition, I made the sleeveless jerseys and alternate. EDIT: I added some blue into the wordmark. Let me know if it works. Home Uniforms: Road Uniforms: Alternate Uniforms: Logo: