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  1. Holy compensation, Batman!
  2. I think the bone set can actually be salvaged by throwing a blue stripe on the pants to break up the light on light on light monotony. And since they're pants they can probably throw in a rush order and avoid NFL waiting periods.
  3. Funny you should mention that... The Athletic has a piece on the design and they specifically cited Andrew Whitworth playing a role in making sure that the uniforms worked for the big guys.
  4. For those not hyperbolically committing seppuku right now... And, yes, I proudly did this.
  5. I don't mind these. The home is definitely better than the road. The gradient actually kind of works with the white on the pants striping. The segmented horn is a lateral move but they thankfully restrained themselves from using the different hues. The font is nice and thankfully the team name is an actual patch and not a Seahawks/former Browns like forced striping pattern. I'm not as thrilled by the road set. The lack of blue striping on the pants is an odd choice as is the different shoulder horn and the sudden use of numbers. The "bone" shade doesn't bother me but they just need more color. And seriously, if you think these are worse than the Falcons you need to make an appointment with your local optometrist.
  6. Since the hyperbole is officially getting to me...
  7. The decline of the Montreal Expos. Hell, make it a two-parter on the two separate franchises that Loria drove into the ground.
  8. As a fan... I... don't hate it. Yes, gradients are a 90s relic but this... this actually kind of works. And the helmet still keeps the spirit of the original.
  9. To the members of the CCSLC: We are currently living through an unprecedented event on a global scale. Many of us are confined to our homes in need of any kind of outlet to maintain some form of normalcy. This community provides this outlet to many of us but the raised tensions that most of us are experiencing in these times have resulted in an increased level of uncivilized behavior. We would like to remind you that all members of the CCSLC are subject to the CCSLC Rules and Regulations and that any behavior that violates these rules will be swiftly dealt with by the moderator team. Please help to keep this community the positive, thriving escape from the serious situation we are all dealing with. Thank you for your cooperation.
  10. As if I needed another gut punch, look what showed up in the mail today...
  11. I mean, he's at least not breaking character. He's literally taking his vitamins and saying his prayers, brother.
  12. As a fan, I am not a fan.
  13. Member has been banned.
  14. Member has been suspended for trolling, abusive behavior, and physical threats against another community member.
  15. This thread, like every other unveiling thread... A little bit of this: And a little bit of that:
  16. Agency is a dated font that was used all over the place for a while and shows its age. The Chargers, Canucks, Pacers, Blue Jays, and Sabres (off the top of my head) all got on the bandwagon.
  17. Sorry, no outside advertising of fantasy leagues.
  18. Tone deaf? Perhaps. Giving a reeling community something tangible to rally around? Also perhaps. The Seattle club could start immediately performing community outreach like the Knights did after the shooting. It would help if people knew what the hell to call them.
  19. So, if righting a wrong is considered “mailing it in” this guy loses every ounce of credibility.