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  1. It's approaching galaxy brain to take too much from that commercial. Do we really think that they would go as far as to bother to use navy construction helmets to represent the colors of the throwback helmet, which has always been navy compared to the royal jerseys, when the colors are officially royal and athletic gold? Quite frankly, if they used the navy construction helmets there'd be more to take away from it.
  2. Dicks apparently is a little optimistic on this league.
  3. "OMG Kraken sux!" This is the same league that graced us with "Vegas," "Blue Jackets," "Wild," and "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim." We'll get through this (if it's even a thing).
  4. It'd have to be a patch since the whole league already has a band for Stern.
  5. Well, that and the whole "forcing a team to play with different rules to win a title" thing.
  6. This was 17 years ago so it's before "active consent" became a standard. So, look at the Ansari story for parallels (which I won't get into being that there's kids around). Here's the actual text of the apology: The key here is that he specifically said that she feels that she did not consent to the encounter. Was that retroactive? Was that actually conveyed or not in the moment? We'll never know. Botton line though? This is not a confession.
  7. You can also separate out legitimate, hard looks into legacy that bother to research nuance from all of the "why are you idiots worshiping a rapist?" trolls.
  8. As a NL fan who keeps score at games, I for one welcome our new DH overlords.
  9. The issue with the exhumation of the Colorado controversy is that those who are doing it either weren’t old enough at the time to fully comprehend the nuance or are generalizing the point either out of convenience or “woke” retroactive imposing of current standards/norms. I followed the case with a fine-toothed comb as it happened being a Laker fan and being in LA so here’s my analysis: To flat out call him a rapist is disingenuous since: *All charges were dropped *The settlement/apology statement was not the smoking gun confession that everyone is insinuating. The statement was that he was sorry that there was a miscommunication of what was perceived on both ends as consent. It’s very similar to the Aziz Ansari situation in that regard but is not at all a confession, and writing a check to make a burdensome trial go away is commonplace. And you also have the issues that arose with the case itself, mainly that she reportedly bragged to her friends that she slept with him and that she reportedly bragged at a party that she was using his money to buy a koala. The other issue at the time was that the DA, Mark Hurlbert, was facing a tough re-election and overreached with this case as campaign material. Then you also have Kobe defending himself in the media and in the legal system against an anonymous accuser who was only revealed after she was named on the Tom Leykis Show. Was I in the room? Was anyone else in the room? No. But, this black and white posthumous public trial is far more complex than what is being brought up, and he certainly did a great, great deal to atone, reinvent himself, and make a positive impact.
  10. Rainiers isn't going to happen. They're not going to pick the name of a minor league baseball team in the metro area.
  11. Yes, it’s real. Yes, my gut has thoroughly been punched.
  12. It was up and running for a while too (how I got my name shortened). Then Yzerfan’s software stopped working and it died.
  13. As stated in the Concept Forum guidelines: :
  14. Beyond past reputation and derailing the thread with his ego-trip driven guessing game, this prompted the vote:
  15. Here's what we've managed to document (the commentary is from multiple moderators): (There's quite a few that didn't get posted in the thread which would average to about 50%) Then, here's what we've documented that hasn't been unveiled yet: The thing to keep in mind is that the insider information isn't at all what led to our intervention. It's the superiority complex, attitude, and thread derailing that forced our hand.
  16. Suspension has been set at one year.
  17. Member has been suspended for continued trolling and defiance of the moderator team.
  18. I think it needs to be narrowly defined to adding to an existing color scheme or having a black jersey that has nothing to do with the existing palette. For instance, I wouldn't put the Kings in the group since it was a full rebrand that justified the black. IMO, the ultimate offenders were/are the Reds, Royals (former) and the Mets (former) (and, collegiately, Duke). With the trend dying down the current offenders are mainly with alternate jerseys, and to point out a few glaring examples: Lightning, Lakers (purple).
  19. The picture is definitely matte. The only part that's reflective is the decal. Does that prove a change is happening? Not yet.
  20. The CCSLC has instituted a new policy to allow for the changing of display names. The following criteria must be met in order to enable this feature: Any member must have at least 100 posts in order to qualify for a display name change. Display names can only be changed once every 365 days. Display names changes cannot: Be profane or overtly offensive Be so similar to another CCSLC member as to cause confusion Additionally, CCSLC moderators and administrators have the right to revert a display change if a complaint is received from a corporation/verified entity that it infringes in their copyright and/or likeness. If this criteria is met, display name changes can be performed in Account Settings Display Name Change With this ability now available to members there will now be zero-tolerance enforcement of dupe accounts.