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  1. Well Ive seen the Raiders, Steelers, Cowboys and other sports teams fonts. Also, not all of it is from their jersey, so some other font had to be used. O well...
  2. Any ideas what font was used to complete "hinally"? Ive been searching for a while and have had no luck...
  3. It's Silverado Bold Italic Do you know where I could download that for free?
  4. What font is Stanley Cup? It looks generic, but the A,N,L,U have that little wing part of it.
  5. I know, but I am trying to get the .PSD versions of the jersey templates, and I keep getting either the .AI format or the PSD with only one layer. Could someone covert it to .PSD while keeping the layers?
  6. Hey, I am having some problems converting the illustrator file to a PSD. If I send you the .ai file, could you keep the layer and convert it to psd and send it to me? Thanks
  7. Just so I can get some help from some buddies. If you have an Illustrator file, .ai, and it has about 50 layers. How would you about saving it as a PSD while keeping all of the layers. Is there any way to do that?
  8. Can someone convert these pinned templates into PSDs so I can edit them in PS? Thanks
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