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  1. how bout this 1972 AMC Javalin here is the state of alabama state trooper cars (Meow)
  2. i don't really love these, but they aren't as bad as they could have been. this is just furthering the ARENA-fication of the NFL
  3. yeah i had heard where they had to back off a little bit on this promotion. I am personally not opposed to people handing out bibles and promoting faith...that is all cool with me. I am glad they won't wear the jerseys for the game. actually rick and bubba don't do their games- matt coulter and roger shultz do...but just imagine the confusion "Genesis 1 back to pass...the throw is to Hezekiah 14...he fumbles and it is picked up by Zechariah 22...Holy Columbus Ohio!"
  4. bhambruiser

    Cubs WP

    Oh, I know it was the intentional design, I just felt for a desktop it was too dark. Either way, it's still cool. i appriciate it.
  5. bhambruiser

    Cubs WP

    thanks...actually the dark was intentional.
  6. bhambruiser

    Cubs WP

    I got bored at work...therefore I started looking for a better looking desktop...and when you can't find one- make one. right? so here is what I came up with...c&c....sorry for the size
  7. i think it is funny when stuff like this offends people (I assume some who said they were offended were only kidding, but still...) responding to the person who said this was bush of them to do....well, YEAH...this isn't the NFL. It is a lower-tier league and it is promotions like this that make minor league sports cool and fun. I am sure they will auction these jerseys off after the game (as they normally do) and probably give the proceeds to a charity or something. Good for them. Sampson was a man of great physical strength in the OT. Was known to be the strongest man alive. I personally think it is a bit much and I am a Christian...but I don't think it is wrong for them to do it....a bit odd, but not wrong or offensive. People really need to lighten up.
  8. i understand that, but the point remains.....when you look at the ring do you think "Yay our first bowl game" or "Northern Illinois 34 Troy 21"?
  9. is my problem with awarding rings. Troy didn't even win the Silicon Valley Classic that year if I remember correctly. Just another way that our society wants to take the "EVERYBODY WINS" approach. It makes me sick. No offense to Troy - I understand that it was their first bowl game and everything, but you should only get a ring if you WIN. It is that simple. that goes for you too Aubies...I mean, good grief the Eufaula Times/Golf World National Champions?!?!?...THAT goes to show what a joke Auburn really is. Sure give them SEC Championship rings, but don't go acting like a clown and claim a bogus national title. Call me when you've won 12...and if you want to argue about the so-called bogus Bama titles then fine- we'll say 7....but NCAA records show Bama with an extra 5 we could claim, so don't bother bringing that garbage line of reasoning to the table. To sum up - in a competition between two teams only ONE can be the winner. And THEY should get the rings. People need to stop rewarding mediocrity and failure in our society and give the winners the trophies and make the losers work harder.
  10. even as a huge cubs fan I can appriciate the city of st louis. I made the trip to busch II in 1999 and came away impressed with the old stadium...the new stadium looks like it will blow the old one away and I can't wait to head back to see my cubbies take down the cards. ...awesome looking stadium
  11. good question...i prefer the older one too...i don't dislike the new one, but it is almost too thin...i like the thicker one as well I guess they put the patch on the A-Day jerseys just for the heck of a side note I'd also like to say how much I wish they would take the names off the jerseys - it is a nice classic look. ROLL TIDE
  12. yeah that kind of sucks.... strike that- it REALLY SUCKS i do however love the biscuits logo