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  1. that's just not something one dude should say to another dude Who cares? I was just happy that a problem that had been frustrating me for a while was finally fixed. Goldmember: Dr. Evil, You look very toit. Yesh, toit like a toiger. Yesh Yesh Yesh. Dr. Evil: You know, Goldmember? I don't think that's something one dude should say to another dude. Yeah. A little creepy. Mmhmm.
  2. that's just not something one dude should say to another dude
  3. here is a good question. Can you convert Photoshop Brushes to Illustrator? If so share the knowledge
  4. before i go through the trouble of making one, does anyone have a good helmet template with an ol/dl mask?
  5. actually it is all on one layer, so i have no idea of an easy way to get rid of it. without actually going in and deleting each piece
  6. this may be a dumb question, but maybe someone can answer it. I have a template made by Pattrick Cummings that has the message infront of all of the actual artwork, the message says to delete it, but is there an easy way of doing this? i tried ungrouping everything, but it always deletes part of the template...please help....thanks
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