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  1. Best concept on this board in MONTHS...maybe even years. Well done.
  2. Great concepts. And imagine that, ACTUAL concepts. Not the same old same old. The template looks like a woman to me, but it is 2020 so that's, ok. But that does not take away from the creativity on the alt uniforms. RED and BROWN need to go together more often, VERY underrated color scheme. Brown (University) Bears pull it off great by adding silver. Keep it up and stretch that envelope.
  3. Yall crushing this dude. I thought it was original at least. Way to think outside the box. Too much $#!t on this forum anymore is boooring. Maybe more is needed in the striping on the jersey and pants for my taste, but I like the break from the norm.
  4. I actually would not hate a white helmet. It is the original helmet. But for some reason, I just HATE a grey facemask. My dream would be that first pick on page on with Metcalf. The white facemask looks best to me. I did like the color rush look, and didnt hate the brown facemask. Are we going back to the traditional orange too? Cause right now we look like the Bungles. White facemasks and striped socks if anyone important is listening.
  5. Hands down, bar nun, CONCEPT OF THE YEAR. 1st and foremost, you actually finished the entire league!! You should get an award just for that... 2nd these are gorgeous. Calgary and Saskatchewan are my least favorite but they are still better than 90% of the boring crap posted anymore. 3rd, the presentation is wonderful. Best template I have seen in a while. Would love to see other sports copied off of it. The background, logos, sponsors, well thought out. Just a GREAT all around effort.
  6. Gasp! Im offended... page 1 my man.
  7. How about this Kentucky logo from this sight... I would flip over just the Wildcat! Merry Christmas!
  8. Ok whats going on, I have a new template to post but its coming up pixelated, i read a few lines up and there are photobucket isssues or not??? I used to post a direct link from photo bucket in the img icon from CC, what do i have to do now to make it work?
  9. Per request, the sleeveless or vest jersey
  10. OK, OK last ones, 1930's and 1970's
  11. How about some workmarks...hint...if you shrink them by 30% they fit on the above jerseys! But you gotta download it.... http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp230/waterwild/aa2.png http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp230/waterwild/Scripts.png
  12. Pin Stripes Alt Plain Jersey And a BP jersey If you zoom in just right you can overlay this on top of Chris' and it fits perfect, I made this using that trick...
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