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  1. As many of you know and have debated the pros and cons of on this site, most European sports teams have a large sponsor logo on the front of the jersey. My question is: if that sponsor is an alcohol based company or brewery, what do they do for replica kid's jerseys? 1. Keep the aponsor logo, so little Johnny is running around wearing a large beer advertisement, 2) Have the kid's jerseys with a different sponsor, 3) no sponsor logo at all on the kid's jerseys or 4)something I haven't thought of yet, but maybe someone has an idea.
  2. A friend and I were talking about when Pete O'Brien signed as a free agent with the Mariners way back when and he said he chose the Mariners because he wouldn't feel any pressure to win. So, what is the worst reason you have heard for a free agent either choosing to sign with or not sign with a particular team?
  3. I've watched hockey since the late 70's and this questionhappened today. If a player is called for a penalty and play continues until his team touches the puck, then he commits another one, what happens? Is the puck immediately called dead and does he serve both penalties? Someone just asked me that and though I pride myself on knowing the rules, that scenario and what happens totally escapes me.
  4. I know this won't make me popular, but I'm doing this for me. I would fold the NBA, eliminate playoffs in all sports, or at least make them a round-robin tournament, and make intentional walks automatic. The pitcher or catcher signals the ump and points to first and the batter goes down there.
  5. I wore and liked 23 until I got tired of people saying "Jordan fan, huh?"
  6. One of the Finnish news sites I go to daily had a big headline that said basically "F*** Sweden" Not even in the tournament and still hating on a team that is. An Austrian website talked about how Germany has already proven they can't win in winter in Russia, now they've shown they can't win in summer either. Two teams not in the World Cup (Finland and Austria) still talking smack about their rivals who did make it.
  7. Desmond Howard had been striking that pose all season, in the Rose Bowl, Mario Bailey chose to copy it. Howard later whined "he can come over to my house and see it if he wants." Bailey replied "OK, I'll do that and I'll bring my national champions ring so he can see what that looks like"
  8. Who is he supposed to root for, or should he not watch at all?
  9. Would minor league teams that shared their parent club names (Iowa Cubs, for example) have to change their names, or only when they get promoted to the same level (Iowa Cubs and Chicago Cubs), or just live with it?
  10. Where would they play? It may be make believe, but some semblance of reality is nice here and there.
  11. All my life, I've never heard of purple and gold being easter colors. Given the amount of purple and gold in my closet right now, I know what I'm wearing next Easter. Which is actually my niece's birthday, so I might wear something different, depends on the type of party she has.
  12. Isn't naming them the Brooklyn Nets like calling them the Arlington Cowboys or Santa Clara 49ers?
  13. I am a Penguins fan, I do not care for Sidney Crosby, but I'm glad he's on the team. I am a SF Giants fan, I never liked Barry Bonds, but I was glad he was helping my team win. What players are on your favorite team, but you really don't like other than he helps your team?Though the Mariners are not my team, I still like them, and never liked Ken Griffey Jr., though I saw his minor league debut in Bellingham and began my dislike of him there.
  14. Personal preference: 1. Winnipeg (Laine) 2. Vegas (Fleury) 3. Tampa Bay 4. Washington (always disliked them and my friend is a big Ovechkin fan who likes to rub it in)
  15. So why Baltimore Browns? An expansion team taking the same name as an existing team? Surprised we didn't have Carolina Colts or Jacksonville Jets then. No matter how "official" they try to claim it, I know what happened.
  16. When I worked for the Alaska (then Anchorage) Aces, the players had individual sponsors listed on the back under their number. Most were car dealerships, fencing companies, construction companies or stuff like that, but there was an argument every year about who would get to be "Mr. Prime Beef".
  17. Again, I don't know if this counts, but my program from the 1983 MLB All-Star Game in Comiskey had a 2 page ad spread touting the possibilities should MLB ever expand to Vancouver. I went to a Mariners exhibition game in Vancouver a couple years later and the people of Vancouver were hoping to use it as a convincing point should MLB expand.
  18. Would the Seattle Pilots count as a failed expansion? They only lasted 1 year before moving to Milwaukee.
  19. As did the Giants and to a lesser extent the Mariners. I even had a Tampa Bay Giants t-shirt at one time.
  20. Will Seattle (or whoever is next) get the same expansion draft opportunities as Vegas, or does the NHL not want that situation to happen again?
  21. Why are some countries names in their native tongue, while others are in English for a tournament in Denmark?
  22. Or the Milwaukee Pilots? And what about teams that kept their name, but only changed the letter of the city on the cap?
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