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  1. So are the Bucks basically going to be using the Reno Bighorn colors? http://reno.dleague.nba.com/ . What do the Sacramento Kings think of that?
  2. Charlotte Hornets. There. Now we are back on topic. You're welcome.
  3. Cool logo! I like how you trimmed the Friars logo at the bottom. Makes it look more like a scythe than a highlight! In my opinion, the logo with the script would look killer if one could see the scythe more. Great job. Reminds me of an AC-130 gunship logo.
  4. When the Carolina Hurricanes logo was unveiled I was kinda bumbed. Then again how do you illustrate a hurricane? Wish they would fix the flags also. All in all I now couldn't imagine them having any other logo. Also gotta agree with october23sp about the Vikings unis. They have grown on me as well but I would rather they use them as an alternate.
  5. I guess they can change the name of the BiLo Center to the Thunderdome. Would have been interesting to have seen what a Swamp Rabbits logo could have looked like.
  6. Sorry that I was not more specific. I need to figure out how to make the black outline thicker. When I drew it I traced it with a Sharpie but it shows up thin in the scanning process. I figured a thick black outline would make it look better. What do you think?
  7. Also, I have never posted a pic on here. How do you post it?
  8. How do I get the outline on my flyer logo to be thicker. I colored it with markers. How can you color it with Photoshop? Thanks for the help<a href="http://s280.photobucket.com/albums/kk186/turtlesixtyfour/?action=view&current=flyerlogocolor-shaded2s1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk186/turtlesixtyfour/flyerlogocolor-shaded2s1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>!
  9. I agree with Linus as long as it is red and the Panther head is large enough. Reminds me of all the hockey teams(pro and minor league)that use to use upside down triangles in their logos. Pens, Sharks, Lowell Lock Monsters and on and on. It's getting old. If not a red jersey than maybe the yellow/gold color as a choice?
  10. I'm thankful that there was a Hartford Whalers team so that they could move to NC. I went to the first 'Canes game and there where 2 or 3 busses of fans from Hartford that drove to Greensboro (before the move to Raleigh) for a team that left. Very impressive and the Whalers jersey was one of my favorite. Wish I could find a blue one. Anyhow that Johnny Canuck logo would rock on a jersey but the Vancouver Giants logo looks more up to date as far as a lumberjack logo. Just my opinion. Keep up the great work on this forum folks! Would like to see a little less squabling though. I hope that we are all adults here. Take care.
  11. I was wondering why when I bought a St. Louis Stallions Starter bran hat in El Paso, back around '93-'94, that I had not heard any more about them. It seems that the purple, gold and black may have been picked up by the Ravens? It has a Team NFL tag in it but why would they ever sell it at the mall if there would not even be a team? I guess I have a conversation piece now. It's not a bad looking hat and I would post a pic if I knew how.