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  1. All those Southern Fried Fools who clame to be real Junior fans that now suddenly hate him can go watch the WNBA or marry their cousin.
  2. This is never going to happen. It's just a lame idea by that little boy Mark Cuban.
  3. SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Coach Mike Nolan will be a sharp-dressed man at all the San Francisco 49ers' home games this season. Nolan and Jacksonville Jaguars coach Mike Del Rio got permission from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday to wear suits and ties to all eight of their clubs' regular-season home games in 2007. Niners coach Mike Nolan wears a suit made by Reebok on the sideline, nearly two seasons after first requesting permission. The dress-up detente was the result of nearly three years of negotiations among Nolan, the league and Reebok. Though the league determines what apparel can be worn on the sideline, Reebok provides that clothing for coaches -- from Bill Belichick's sleeveless sweatshirts to the black suit Nolan was allowed to wear in two games last season. "As I mentioned before, I made this request out of the high amount of respect I have for the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers, my father and all of the former coaches who have worn suits," said Nolan, who's 11-20 in two seasons with the Niners. Ever since he got the 49ers' top job in 2005, Nolan has sought permission to dress like his ex-coach father while projecting an image of authority. He got a trial run last year when both Nolan and Del Rio were allowed to suit up in coat-and-tie ensembles manufactured by Reebok during two home games. But Nolan wanted to wear his old-school outfit at every home game. He saw the move as a tribute to the league's great coaches of the past -- including his father, Dick, who coached the 49ers from 1968-75 but is now in poor health with Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said other coaches also would be allowed to wear suits at home games if they desired -- though only Nolan and Del Rio expressed interest when the league surveyed the coaches during NFL meetings in Arizona in March. "Commissioner Goodell made the decision to help," McCarthy said. "It was something that we re-evaluated, and we wanted to work with Coach Nolan and also open it up to other coaches." Last week, Nolan expressed frustration with the league and Reebok over its reluctance to provide suits, saying the process was "ridiculous," and "they wish it would go away, but I try to keep it alive as much as I can." Nolan's outfit last season consisted of a black suit, a white shirt and a red-and-gold striped tie. Goodell said the new Reebok outfits for the 2007 season must reflect team colors as well, though the details will be worked out later. Nolan's quest attracted support from 49ers fans who backed an online movement to persuade every spectator to show up to the home opener wearing a suit and tie. Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press
  4. Back to the days of Ricky Craven, Wally Dallenbach & Kenny Schrader. Junior and Mears could then just flip flop. 25 to Junior and 5 to Mears.
  5. Nice. Awesome Job Verlander.
  6. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Let the NASCAR Horsemen Ride Bye Bye Kyle Busch #5 Earnhardt Jr. #24 Gordon #25 Mears #48 Johnson
  7. It will be The West vs. The South Oregon State, UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton & Arizona State vs. North Carolina, Rice, Louisville & Mississippi State
  8. Here in California they have the same thing with our 5 baseball teams: All ticket are $2
  9. I'm not for the expansion but if they do here is what the league might look like if the Preds move to Hamilton: Hamilton Montreal Ottawa Toronto Boston Buffalo Pittsburgh Washington New Jersey N.Y. Islanders N.Y. Rangers Philadelphia Atlanta Carolina Florida Tampa Bay Chicago Columbus Detroit Minnesota Dallas Kansas City Phoenix St. Louis Anaheim Las Vegas Los Angeles San Jose Calgary Colorado Edmonton Vancouver
  10. Good move for the Isles. All they need now is to send Charles Wang down the garbage shute and it's all good.
  11. Congratulations to the Ducks. Nice to see Teemu win the Cup. By the way Prongers wife is nice to look at.
  12. Take away my Sharks and I'll smash your face in.
  13. The Vote leaders as it stands right now: National League C - Paul LoDuca, Mets 1B - Albert Pujols, Cardinals 2B - Chase Utley, Phillies SS - Jose Reyes, Mets 3B - David Wright, Mets OF - Carlos Beltran, Mets OF - Ken Griffey Jr., Reds OF - Barry Bonds, Giants (Soriano is closing in though) American League C - Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers 1B - David Ortiz, Red Sox 2B - Robinson Cano, Yankees SS - Derek Jeter, Yankees 3B - Alex Rodriguez, Yankees OF - Vladamir Guerrero, Angels OF - Manny Ramirez, Red Sox OF - Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners
  14. The Super Regionals (Best 2 out of 3): Michigan vs. Oregon State UCLA vs. Cal State Fullerton Arizona State vs. Ole Miss Wichita State vs. UC Irvine Rice vs. Texas A&M Louisville vs. Oklahoma State Mississippi State vs. Clemson South Carolina vs. North Carolina