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  1. Hi MEANS,


    I've been pretty critical of MLS&E, their decision to change the current logo, and, (if change was needed (?)), the decision to go with a refurbished old logo. To me, it's just more smoke 'n mirrors from the ownership group that's given its fans nothing BUT smoke 'n mirrors for the past half century.


    However, I hope you know that I'm not being critical of your work.

    Congrats on the great job of improving a classic logo.

    A lot of us would have given our left nut to have worked on that project.

    Nice work, MEANS! It's a great vintage logo!


    Maybe someday you could share a little more of the process with us.



    1. MEANS




      Thanks for reaching out and being so honest with me. I totally understand as a fan of sports the frustration one can have with their favorite teams ownership. I am a Chicago White Sox fan and I feel the same way sometimes. 


      I can't get into too much detail on the process but the ownership did have a clear direction of where they wanted to go with the new mark and why they were even changing it. I feel they could have just worn some throwbacks and slapped a special patch on their jerseys to celebrate the centennial, but instead chose to try to embark on a new direction for the franchise while not forgetting their roots and past success, and I have to respect them for that.


      Overall the response has been pretty positive and having worked on a few identities I know as a designer you need to have a thick skin. I can say I have a few more identities in the pipeline as it relates to hockey so stay tuned.


      Thanks again, you didn't have to reach out but I really respect you for doing so.


      P.S. I am a Blackhawks fan, but a little part of me will now always root for the Leafs.


      MEANS (Andy) 

    2. sparky


      Thanks for understanding, MEANS.


      Now I can go back to slaggin' those MLS&E bastards for what they've done to my team and not feel too badly about it :lol:


      Best of luck and keep up the good work.