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  1. they seriously were too lazy to write that themselves for the ad? Had to use a font that looks hand drawn.....instead of just doing it by hand and making it look natural....SMH
  2. Florida's red hasn't change, if ever. I have files (NHL Slicks) that go back to at least 1999 and it's the same red.
  3. They really needed to have the letters D C in there too? They are in the bolts already, otherwise it's my favorite logo of the group.
  4. Ha! I totally forgot about that Ducks OC logo that I worked on....
  5. They are using Leafs (Maple Leaf Badge worn by soldiers in the Canadian Army during WW I) as a proper noun in their case so it has the regular (productive) plural.
  6. I had a little hand in these, my "Grandstand" font is being used for all the team word marks. Each of the first letters have a little notch that connects with the top corner/cut of the keystone shape which is used in the LL logo.
  7. They do and by a large part of both of those uniforms still have white in them including the logo. Who said this alternate jersey has to tie into their history at all? You may not like it but numbers/stripes without white outlines when the two colors have plenty of contrast work just fine. Always adding a white outline has become overused a lot, almost by default. Stop, take a more thoughtful approach and ask is another color/outline really needed? Most of the times the answer is no.
  8. Navy with Orange is PLENTY of contrast......
  9. see Washington Capitals....the worst logo in the NHL.
  10. back to the late 90's gradients....miss the script from those years.
  11. This above is why I really don't take this league seriously can never enjoy the moment, it's always in the back of your head that a flag can/could be thrown, a play can be reviewed....etc. It's getting closer and closer to professional wrestling...if you can watch games any not take it seriously (like professional wrestling) then the NFL isn't too bad.
  12. yes, I am talking about the same thing you are. MSU was not the first. There's even photographic evidence within this very thread.
  13. Notches in fonts have been around WAAAAAAY before 2010....