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  1. see Washington Capitals....the worst logo in the NHL.
  2. back to the late 90's gradients....miss the script from those years.
  3. This above is why I really don't take this league seriously can never enjoy the moment, it's always in the back of your head that a flag can/could be thrown, a play can be reviewed....etc. It's getting closer and closer to professional wrestling...if you can watch games any not take it seriously (like professional wrestling) then the NFL isn't too bad.
  4. yes, I am talking about the same thing you are. MSU was not the first. There's even photographic evidence within this very thread.
  5. Notches in fonts have been around WAAAAAAY before 2010....
  6. MEANS

    Name That Font!

    Yup, it's the Washington Capitals number font.
  7. Talking about how much you get high, how much weed you smoke And that crazy space :censored: that don't even make no sense
  8. So you want a stealth look but with contrast? Kinda defeats the purpose. As always it seems some folks are forgetting that the TEAM has final say and also has HUGE say in the direction of the jersey design as well.
  9. Future Retro, I love it. @GFB I think you are right on the number font. I would also argue that the outline on the numbers are pointless and do not look good.
  10. As some have said the uniforms are kinda meh but the new mark, the position on the helmet! Love it! I hope to see more updates done by teams this way.
  11. The company who currently makes the MLB uniforms AND the Turn Ahead the Clock jerseys is losing the license to the company who did not make the Turn Ahead the Clock jerseys. Not sure I follow you, unless you are saying that the Nike designs will be outlandish like those were, which I seriously doubt.
  12. So what? That's not betting against yourself.
  13. How are the White Sox betting against themselves with Machado? The White Sox also has plenty of money to spend.
  14. If the market is as small as it is for him, why not start your offer low (7/175)?
  15. Overall I like it. "Atlanta" could use some kerning love.