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  1. Honestly do a search and you can find numerous Space Needle/Anchor designs, mostly clip art, souvenir type motifs done prior to the Kraken's mark. I was not involved but I was aware of the logos prior to the unveiling. I thought the same thing, how could nobody have thought of it? The key here is that it was done so well and fits great within the entire identity that now the mark, some could say, is already theirs. Of course you can say I am biased but I feel they hit it out of the park on this whole identity, bravo. @BringBackTheVet I think the anchor connection is with the sea, ships and their tales of battle with these legendary creatures (Kraken) similar to the beveling in the primary for the back of the boats used to fish in the area. Space Needle=Seattle. Anchor=Sea. Where we are from and where we dwell.
  2. Passes the true test, now got some work to do.
  3. I go back and forth on that too, sometimes I do think the NHL is above the NFL, the latest NFL stuff is not as strong. Yeah the NBA just needs to go with their partial logos, drop the ones with all the text included.
  4. What? The NHL is rubbing elbows with the NFL and is right there with the MLB, maybe even better as of late. The NBA is much further behind.
  5. I think it keeps the designer in check to not get too illustrative with the mark. Keep it simple, clean, and timeless. Something you can see for a few seconds then be able to draw it pretty easily. I fell most of the successful timeless logos achieve this.
  6. Step right up Uncle Ben as well. These are both long overdue. Now if only some football team in our nation's capital would make a move.....
  7. Secondary logo is pretty clunky and then there's this.
  8. Maybe he speaks from experience, like having worked with the NHL? You just got some of the best insider info and you still don't believe it.......this board sometimes.....
  9. I think they are both lighter/brighter, my guess is 287/1235 before, at least the yellow is definitely brighter.
  10. It might be close to 40 years old but I grew up on that classic movie.
  11. it started earlier than that....from an article - In 1927, Time magazine printed a chart highlighting gender-appropriate colors for girls and boys according to leading U.S. retailers. Filene’s (in Boston), Best & Co. (in New York City), Halle’s (in Cleveland), and Marshall Field (in Chicago) all advised parents to dress boys in pink and girls in blue. Why did they care at all? It is generally thought it was simply because if parents followed such a color scheme, they would have to buy a whole new wardrobe and set of baby accessories in the “appropriate” colors if they had a boy and a girl at some point, rather than just going with reusing the one set for both as before. For reasons unknown, this all started to change around the 1940s when clothing manufacturers decided on pink for girls and blue for boys. It has been suggested that boys simply like blue more and girls like pink more, but studies to date trying to see if this is true have come up with mixed results, except firmly showing that the vast majority of humans prefer blue to pink, and pink is actually one of the adult world’s least favorite colors. (As you might imagine, it’s difficult to perform large scale studies to determine if boys and girls are naturally predisposed to one color or another without the introduction of existing learned color biases, even in countries that don’t popularly follow the pink-girl/blue-boy scheme.)
  12. Our design team at adidas looked into heraldry a lot when we were working on the Vegas Golden Knights project.
  13. DH in both leagues is the way to go, you are not going to change the trend of pitchers not focusing on batting, that would take a long time for the change to take place and with sport specific culture at all time high....just make the DH for both leagues.
  14. I never got the love for these Dallas uniforms. What they have now is so much better.