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  1. I'm not a fan, but it's nice that the guy who designed this is getting some repeat work: Also, why isn't the background between the tooth and tongue yellow?
  2. Taking the term "clash kit" to a whole new level: I think it might be palatable if the socks were peach/pink/orange/whatever color that is. But the neon is just too much IMO. Also, how many teams are using the gradient in the same style? Last year Spurs, now Norwich and City.
  3. I'm guessing this is a minority opinion, but I much prefer St. Louis with a single color of blue. Maybe because I'm a 90s kid I enjoy the red trumpet era- to me this is the point of an alternate jersey. Maybe it's too obnoxious for 82 games, but every once in a while the music staff and red coloring makes an interesting change of pace. The dual blue jerseys are just way too... drab? Especially the homes... then they changed the yellow numbers to white? No thanks. It's also weird to me that navy was never used from '67 to '96. I don't think it ever occurred to me that they started that "two blues" trend, but had no historical precedent (unless I guess 1997 is considered ancient history now!). This is far and away their best look:
  4. The majority of people here prefer this over this?! I am no fan of the normal homes but man those color rush ones are just awful.
  5. I had no idea the helmet was polarizing; I cannot imagine the Bengals sans that helmet! If I had to guess which NFL helmet is most polarizing I'd say Seattle or Tampa. IMO the Bengals' current set is a few little tweaks away from looking really nice! here's what they would look like with ... -no white side panels on jerseys -no white at top of pant stripes -no contrasting nameplate / shoulders on the roads -no drop shadow (I guess I'm in the minority who thinks their font goes with their look) -lack of black pant alts at home
  6. Hmm well I tried moving the stripe to the shorts but wasn't happy with it. I don't know if it's the proportions, or the stripe landing right in the crotch, but something just didn't seem right. I also didn't want the stripe across both the jersey and shorts because then if the stripe is different colors on the two pieces it'll look goofy... I tried redoing the proportions on the jersey and don't think it looks quite so "high waisted" now: Perhaps the solid socks are a little too bland:
  7. Haha fair enough... I actually thought when I first saw pictures of Spurs that the real thing would have that issue too. For some reason I never noticed it in real life though. When you say pattern, I guess I'm thinking the shorts would need the same pattern to make it look symmetric. Not a fan of the gradient not going "down" on the real ones. I was thinking if the shorts included the stripe too it may lead to some bad combos at the waist (non matching), but maybe it'd be better to have the stripe entirely on the shorts.
  8. Watching Tottenham today got me thinking about ways to give soccer teams more combination options, while at the same time making their monochrome looks a little more interesting. I think a "cummerbund" stripe might be the answer: I'm not sure if I'm happy with the socks though, maybe a solid color would look better.
  9. I dont follow soccer all that closely but Tottenham looks different today in white shorts: I actually like the look from TV viewing- a bit more interesting than solid white. Also their font (Liverpool too) looks different. Is that because its the premier league that mandates a consistent font for all teams?
  10. Upgrade; I prefer the new logo and wordmark! However, why does the "U" fall under the logo?! Move it a few more pixels! Also, the more I look at it the more I see the Broncos logo (in the mane).
  11. I haven't seen anything posted yet on this tournament. I personally found the Finland/Slovakia matchup unpleasant on the eyes: To me this is the problem with large shoulder-block areas of common colors (i.e. white on colored jersey) ... taking a quick glance at the crowd of players is tricky!
  12. I'm fine with Mizzou going back to a more traditional look, but let's hope the jerseys/pants match the traditional striping of the helmets. aaaaannnd nope Not a fan of the black paw on black helmet. From a distance you just see a tiny M.
  13. So you want a bovine logo on a white helmet, a simple number font, and RWB color scheme?