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  1. You guys are too negative about ads. As soon as I'm the CEO of a wildly successful company I'll offer an inordinate amount of money for specific ad space: I'll be putting pant and sock stripes on teams that previously had leotard looks.
  2. Damn you're right, look at that night and day difference! How could anyone confuse the previous identity of 80 years now that the helmet stripes are gone! But in seriousness, they look WAY better with stripes
  3. Here's how I'd fix the shoulder logo
  4. Also, thinking about the dreaded leotard look...I wonder why Jacksonville didn't make their little horizontal stripes a little more pronounced: In a way this may be better than striped socks as it can't be adjusted up or down the calf. Kinda surprised more teams haven't explored horizontal stripes kinda like Hawaii a while back.
  5. I wouldn't say I "like" the Vikings' color rush getup, but they would be way better with yellow horn decal rather than white.
  6. For kicks and giggles 1. Arizona 2. Montreal 3. Edmonton 4. StL 5. Boston 6. LA 7. Quebec 8. NYI 9. Florida 10. Vancouver 11. Calgary 12. Buffalo 13. Minnesota 14. Hartford 15. Tampa 16. Nashville 17. NYR 18. NJD 19. Washington 20. Vegas 21. Chicago 22. San Jose 23. Ottawa 24. Toronto 25. Pittsburgh 26. Philadelphia 27. Dallas 28. Columbus 29. Winnipeg 30. Detroit 31. Anaheim