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  1. Some will miss orange and some will not, but I hope we can all agree the biggest shortcoming with the new set is likely to be the pant fabric. How it should look: It's got to match the helmets! I'll be sad if they remain flat:
  2. Or how about swapping red and blue on the white vintage jersey?
  3. you may like this: Let's not forget about these: That purple version on the last page was pretty cool but I think the purple logo gets a little lost in the background. What if the whole head was darker? There's something about this that's so black. It's like: "how much more black could this be?" And the answer is none. None more black.
  4. Not sure why you need normal and italicized versions, especially when this font was pretty cool:
  5. But isn't that the crux of the problem? People want orange to be a bigger part. Out of curiosity, has anyone done a concept with their current template with orange on shoulders instead of pewter? Similar to the old Titans shoulder shapes? I tried suggesting the two-tone jersey to focus more on orange and no one was having it ha! Lol check out this hilariously scaled mannequin (or is that David Bowie):
  6. But after a few short weeks you know you'll be missing your other girl (pewter). The real problem is society's insistence on monogomy (NFL's one helmet rule).
  7. That helmet... woof. On the bright side, I feel like they've gotta try wearing the blue breezers with their normal set at least once, right?!
  8. I'd agree this is a great matchup, but if they were in all white it wouldn't be terrible (disregard the 49ers in this photo): IMO white on white is only bad sans pant stripes and colored socks. (and for some reason I don't mind Texas Longhorns doing it either-maybe since college players typically show their calves so it doesn't have the leotard look). Otherwise, I'd probably take "mono white" over "mono anything else" 99% of the time.
  9. I like the work @B-mer did. Rather than red and black, I wondered how it would look substituting orange and green (like their old third jerseys). Maybe the color balance isn't quite right, but IMO they should focus on their more unique colors rather than red and black.
  10. Let this serve as a reminder of how far we've regressed from 1993 to 2020:
  11. I've always felt like the Pittsburgh Steelers have a helmet finish somewhere between glossy and satin, but I'm not sure I've seen it discussed. Today's matchup with Baltimore seems to show Pittsburgh's domes aren't quite as glossy: Forgive me if this has been discussed, but what's the history? Looking at old photos I'm not sure I can tell the difference, or if / when this changed. Am I crazy?
  12. Speaking of fields, Chiefs have a different font in the endzone than their typical script. I wonder why.
  13. KC Mavericks (ECHL): sorry I can't find better photos but they were worn against Fort Wayne on 12/7