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  1. I need a font expert to help me...Why does the Wild name font look so goofy? It seems like a normal block font at first glance, and sometimes in still shots it seems ok, but there is something weird about the spacing or something ... What's going on?
  2. In fairness that's not an apples-to-apples comparison as the logos are different. IMO with all the changes in their history, the Jags have made ONE improvement. Every single other change has been worse than its predecessor. (and the single correct decision was going away from the bipolar helmet)
  3. @AFirestormToPurifywhere did you find that handy chart, or did you make it? I was just searching for something like that, anyone know if the other colors can be seen somewhere?
  4. Great googly moogly. So do the players get to choose their helmet color?
  5. huh...I guess I'm in the minority here. I was curious what their gloves would look like without the contrasting cuffs and fingers: IMO a solid-colored glove (be it gold, white, or black) would be an improvement.
  6. (totally agree that Vegas chrome buckets should be metallic - I actually think that would be cool with home, RR, and road) You know the other issue with Vegas? Those two tone gloves are just awful. I know many teams do that, but the "gold" khaki just looks awful next to the black and white on the palms. Their look would be so much better with a solid color for the gloves
  7. no skill here but you might enjoy these:
  8. To me Tampa's look pretty good, but something's not quite right. For one, I wish they either had grey on the jersey or not on the socks. Second, and this may be a minority opinion, but white shoulder yokes on a colored jersey just never look good.
  9. Avs wearing the new navy pants for the first time, I think: (and that helmet doesn't match colors very well...) the older version didn't have the white trim: I'm not sure why they felt the need to add white between the navy breezers and navy socks, especially when they DON'T have grey on the home blue breezers where the meet with burgundy socks. I also liked how the old version sort of highlighted the two white stripes, now it feels busier to me. I wonder if they'll try out the third jerseys with the reverse retro pants eventually. Here's a quick photoshop. Also I was curious how the color balance would work without the white shoulders:
  10. Count me as another who thinks it'd be a shame if the "darker green with red and cream trim" went away. To me they should never have used red as a primary. On the other hand, the brighter green with yellow is nice. If they insist on yellow numbers, maybe they could increase the green outline width, because as it is the TV angle is just totally illegible:
  11. @gimmick my issue with both of those is that the jersey hem and the breezers don't match, and for some reason it feels like the colors just don't work next to each other @CreamSoda @SportI remember you posting about the Avs' new pants a few times; what do you think of the above post?
  12. Pretty sure most of us hate the long undershirt look, but supporters can now say it got a team to the super bowl!
  13. If it makes you feel better, there are at least two of us. I don't get the love for that set; a Bengals jersey without any orange is gonna be a no from me, dawg. The fact that the white side panel survived from 2004-2020 is just incredible. I don't understand how that was ever thought to look good. Personally I don't like the orange shoulders / contrasting nameplate and I know the number font isn't loved by some of you, but that ONE change could've drastically improved their look all these years. Heck, I wouldn't mind if they kept that side panel and mimicked the pant pattern. But solid white? I just never understood that.
  14. Alright I want a color "scientist" to explain something for me! My question is related to the Avs old and new uniforms. I grew up watching these older uniforms so maybe I'm biased, but I think they have good color balance. The burgundy and blue never touch, and they always feel like a burgundy team with blue accents: maybe the worst part is the lack of consistency for the trim (black on the dark jersey and grey on the white jersey) Fast forward 20 years and the team has gone back to a similar jersey template and eliminated (mostly) black, going with blue equipment: I think the new dark uniform looks ok, but the white uniform is really bad. The white sweater could certainly be improved (change black numbers to blue and add the blue trim back) but my bigger complaint is the burgundy sweater next to the blue breezers. I'm trying to figure out why I think it's ok for the blue breezers to adjoin burgundy socks, but not the burgundy sweater hem. Why does that look so jarring on the white uniform; is it just that the white highlights this "clashing" effect? Maybe on the dark uniform the absence of white makes the red to blue transition less abrupt? There are teams who do red / blue sweater hems / breezers (Columbus, Montreal, Florida, Washington) and none look as jarring to me as the Avs. Maybe just because I'm so used to it being black? Or is it something about the contrast between those tones? Comparing the two dark sweaters I'm pretty sure I prefer the black trim version more. The grey version seems more ... washed out, dingy? Is the white needed to delineate burgundy and blue better? For kicks and giggles here are some different versions that totally eliminate black AND grey. I doubled the thickness of the trim to try to keep blue and burgundy apart. They also avoid the blue/burgundy transition at the waist: For some reason those look cleaner to me - why?
  15. I think the grey works nicely in the original white jersey. But in the current burgundy jersey the grey looks wrong- I prefer the old black and white (http://www.nhluniforms.com/Avalanche/Images/Avalanche06.png). So I don't know what the heck the answer is Personally I don't think blue breezers are ideal. If they insist on that, I wonder what the jersey would look like flipping bottom burgundy to blue (so burgundy and blue don't touch) Pardon the quality: for me that at least fixes the ugly contrast currently present, but shifts a burgundy team too far blue IMO