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  1. After much discussion with stakeholders, I've taken a step back to listen to the supporters and will ensure that future doodles better represent the CCSLC
  2. I mean if you want it to look like their flag and have a "C", why don't you rotate the flag?
  3. On the bright side, from TV-camera-distance I'm guessing those Liverpool and Chelsea details won't be noticeable. I'm glad someone mentioned the "3"... ever since those came out I've thought that was even more distracting than normal advertisements
  4. You know, at first glance... cool! Definitely better than the previous set. Like everyone else I think the 2nd set of white pants isn't quite right, but the other thing that bothers me on the pants is the lack of orange continuing to the top and bottom of the "stripe". It feels like those are meant to be seen as "orange stripes on black". Personally I think they'd look better if they constantly had "black stripes on orange" instead: I imagine the real challenge with "black stripes on orange" is the shoulder areas. In conclusion, they should've just gone with the '81-'03 look Damn look at that beautiful consistency on both teams!
  5. Maybe that's their qualification for QB. Think of their recent past: -Rivers' throwing motion -Luck's ... personality -Manning's ability to run
  6. I agree with @CreamSoda about the Caps looking better sans text on their RR. I don't HATE their striping, but I was curious how it would work without that "extra" red line: Personally I think that's a simplification to an already busy uniform. The white jersey/socks could just swap everything red to white and everything blue to red.
  7. I like minny's RR but this is not the matchup to wear it in
  8. I've mentioned my love for Denver's old helmets previously (https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/122486-nfl-2020/page/188/?tab=comments#comment-3158457) but IMO those are beauties and they should be using that color.
  9. IMO that Ducks logo is just so embarrassing it ruins the rest of the jersey. I like unique templates of the 90s (Stars, Avs, Bos 3rd) so I think the NYI and PHX looks were appealing. (By the way I can't think of a clever Earth Crisis tie-in but I never thought I'd see a band like that referenced here haha! So there are at least 2 fans of heavy music here)
  10. If you think these: are on the "same level" as either of these: well... you and I see things very differently, friend.
  11. Alright curiosity got the best of me: I think that could help make the hoops a little more personalized for their logo
  12. 1. No black? No tin foil? That alone makes it a great start! 2. I keep expecting them to go with the checkerboard one of these years: 3. I keep expecting them to go with some variation of the Wizards' rainbow one of these years: 4. I'd like to see the stateline worked into everything they do I'm not a huge fan of the team or anything, but seems pretty good to me!
  13. I assume everyone has hated those since they were released, but I think along with the red helmets, gloves, and breezers they're not totally awful. Still not good, and the sleeves /socks are begging for some red, but not like "historically bad" territory IMO. The silver brings something new for them.
  14. I do think it would look nicer if the hem stripe matched the "red on white on black" motif:
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