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  1. I'm fine with Mizzou going back to a more traditional look, but let's hope the jerseys/pants match the traditional striping of the helmets. aaaaannnd nope Not a fan of the black paw on black helmet. From a distance you just see a tiny M.
  2. So you want a bovine logo on a white helmet, a simple number font, and RWB color scheme?
  3. Agreed, and why not use that shape on the helmet?
  4. It could be way worse, but another team falls victim to the leotard look.
  5. Actually I think Sporting's shorts are grey...which I have mixed feelings on: IMO the grey is better than their BFBS or aluminum foil unis, but doesn't Minnesota have a similar "light blue and grey" color scheme? Regarding the clash with Colorado, I'm not really sure that shorts need to be a unique color. I guess I think of it like football helmets/pants; the distinctive parts in soccer are the jerseys and socks.
  6. _RH_

    NHL 2018-19

    Agreed. My first thought was how similar the situation is to the Cleveland Browns color rush jerseys ... so much better with white!
  7. I would settle for white on white, as Cincy's secondary kit has: Are the shapes meant to mean anything? Not a fan.
  8. Is there maybe a sash?
  9. I guess in my mind the difference is that football elements (stripes on pants, helmets) get repeated more often on home and road looks. Hockey helmets, jerseys, and socks are either home or road, not either. The breezers do get repeated, but usually the focus doesn't seem to be there. IMO the Blackhawks having different striping patterns home and road is fine; their big inconsistency is addressed below:
  10. For some reason the single stripe really strikes me as strange on the jersey.
  11. _RH_

    NHL 2018-19

    "Inspired by the colors of the game - crisp white, like a fresh sheet ice and contrasting black, like a brand-new puck - the environmentally-conscious uniforms create an instantly classic aesthetic that pays homage to tools of the game."
  12. Are they required to stick with the same dark jersey/pant combo the rest of the playoffs? I feel like that rule is in place for jersey, but I'm not sure about pants. I'm no fan of their mono-blue, but the grey pants against Cowboys' similarly colored pants is pretty unpleasant.
  13. considering helmet, shoulder, and pants: For their home set, they've got "single blue on white" twice and "double blue on white" once. For their road set, they've got "single blue on white" once and "double blue on white" twice. I don't know that I would care if they went "single blue on white" twice or "double blue on white" ... but why not pick one for all locations?! Or do you think it looks better as it is?
  14. Are the Rams "yellow horn" helmets actually different helmets than the "white horn" helmets, or are they just decals? If different helmets, why do they seem to get a pass on the mismatched helmet and jersey (navy and royal)? Didn't the original jerseys match better?
  15. Well I just wasted the last little bit searching old discussions and concepts... I just can't imagine how they can combine orange and pewter (two elements I love) and come out with a good result. For me a solid orange jersey just doesn't work with the pewter but I'd prefer them to be an "orange" team rather than a "red" team. How about this for some lols: