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  1. _RH_

    Seattle Kraken tweaks

    Or they could go fully Seattle:
  2. _RH_

    Seattle Kraken tweaks

    Yeah I'm sure you're right, these images are just my attempt in Paint and I'm sure they're not properly scaled. Looking at the real pictures, it almost looks like they double in width with each stripe from red to the lightest blue. Here's an attempt with the darkest (rather than lightest) blue getting a bit more green: anyone else is welcome to add their variations on the team too
  3. Here are some doodles you may enjoy IMO making the hem striping match the sleeves would look better, especially when viewed with the pants. I'm not sure how I feel about an outline around the home logo...the negative space concept is cool but then the road version is so different. My other gripe is a lack of green in the color scheme. IMO one of the three blues needs more of a green tint.
  4. Alright I know there have been so many posts that this got buried quickly, but I'm really still curious about the four blues. Anyone know more about this?
  5. That's not realistic. NBC will instead be showing Chicago vs Pittsburgh. Pretty cool! 1. The style guide shows 4 blues... am I crazy or are we only seeing 3? Maybe equipment and breezers are the darkest color? 2. Really surprised there isn't a green color (IMO would've helped differentiate from '00 Canucks) 3. Wish the waist and sleeve stripes would match better 4. I wonder if a hint of white on the home jersey would've helped ... I bet on TV the contrast will be lost a little
  6. I wondered if they could keep the "two red stripes on black background" while keeping the laurel pattern: I think some of those look pretty good, and IMO the gold laurel distinguishes them from the other red and black teams. Still think they need the "wavy" look though! (wow, has it really been 13 years since those were worn?!)
  7. Speaking of those wings on the left of the original logo ... what is that supposed to be? And why is his mohawk of bristles not connected to his helmet? I'm betting this is a minority opinion, but I'd like them to incorporate the laurels. Their only jersey with those was unique but IMO suffered because it had too much gold. I also loved the red "wavy" jersey.
  8. As much as I love their color scheme, wouldn't they sell more merch with something totally new? Is there any way they keep the feather logo / imagery?
  9. @BucI mean... seeing your avatar reminds me of another team with the same problem. When did FSU's pants go from metallic to matte? 2013? I thought I liked the color rush because on TV it seems to match better - but now that I image search it's not great either. Maybe it's just less obvious when it isn't as large of an area as the gold pants. The Saints website does have a pretty cool timeline of many photos: https://www.neworleanssaints.com/team/history/uniform-history And I think it's fitting to talk about the Saints in this thread because they were one of the first (if not THE first?) to do the monochrome leotard look that inspired Atlanta's new look. I'm not a fan but at least the red side panels break up the monochrome a little.
  10. @henburgCool photoshop! I'm not really a fan of the pewter jersey, and agree they really need orange. Maybe more white would balance it out? Maybe getting rid of all the black trim would make it easier to squeeze in more orange.
  11. To accurately modernize the logo we need to consider various TJs like the bread man or Pasta: P.S. I don't think I've ever looked so close at the Panther's logo...
  12. There have been a few threads through the years at combining Coyotes elements. To me it's almost like the Chargers or Buccaneers... they've always (or at least mostly) looked good, but it's tough to blend generations and make everyone happy. Squeezing the green, black, and red together is really tricky, IMO. @B-mer made this pretty cool version: Personally I think they should play up their more unique colors and I prefer the old head logo: (I stole his template)
  13. Perhaps... but that set was still mainly good. It just feels weird to me that they use totally different palettes from week to week. It's funny, to me the StL Blues look great in their powder blue and yellow, and I don't really like their dual blue look. But with the Chargers they seem to be missing something without the navy. Maybe it's just my age and what I was used to growing up.
  14. Activate Microsoft Paint! In my opinion if they want navy and powder blues in their scheme they need both in their uniforms. Here's an attempt to use the new bolt pattern, old number font, and both shades of blue on everything: