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  1. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I miss the shiny metallic pants many football teams used to wear. I know this is a few years late, but why haven't teams fixed this error?! A google search led to this article, which has MANY links and interesting bits about Notre Dame's pants specifically (and also lists other schools that went away from that style). https://www.onefootdown.com/2015/4/6/8213323/notre-dame-a-history-of-the-fighting-irish-football-pants This picture in particular was weird (half metallic half matte pants): To me there is no contest, and I don't understand why teams went away from the metallic, ESPECIALLY when the helmets now clash with the pants
  2. @AstroBull21@masterchaoss I actually liked the font. Maybe it's not a sterotypical "agressive, sports-team" looking font, but I thought it sort of goes well with the blue and white simplified identity it seems they may be going for. It's visible in this video: https://wwwyoutube.com/watch?v=3dEl38-kOKk (add the dot as it doesn't like to be embedded)
  3. Carolina wearing black socks today on the road: (as they did last week) while they usually use blue: Based on gridiron database, this year is the first time it's been done.
  4. Ok I'm a dork, but here are some other from history (if I'm understanding right). I omitted some of the low contrast ones (Baltimore, Detroit, New England) :
  5. It's always bothered me that Nebraska's helmet font doesn't match their logo. They have the same problem with their helmet numbers, where the font doesn't match the jerseys. Have they ever worn jerseys that have the more "rounded" number font?
  6. I just saw VT highlights, I hadn't seen their 2018 jerseys. I like the template, seems like a nice mix of traditional "hoops" on the shoulders with a modern twist: However, I'm not so sure about #3's tackling technique against FSU.
  7. I mean, in fairness, these Oregon unis aren't so bad. I am by no means a fan of the contrasting nameplate, but I wonder why they didn't do something like this to make it feel like a part of the jersey:
  8. Kansas City: "Let's have a pretentious identity to differentiate ourselves in the MLS" Salt Lake: "hold my beer" Miami: "Woooo! Hold my coke!"
  9. If this counts, I'll respectfully disagree:
  10. I really like that Indiana jersey! Not so much on this one:
  11. IMO both teams look better (on their own) with red, white, and blue in their kits. However, mixing and matching (BBR or BWR vs RWB) WOULD cause clash issues. I mocked up what I would have preferred, again I feel the white shorts aren't enough to cause a problem since the other elements are so different:
  12. Only a few games I could find had teams with semi similar shorts colors, and they were all dark, not white: Nigeria (green) vs Argentina (black) South Korea (black) vs Mexico (burgundy) Saudi Arabia (green) vs Egypt (black) If they insist on shorts clashing (I don't see how this could really be needed), maybe the answer is to suggest dark jerseys wear white shorts. At least mono matches would be avoided!
  13. Who is the home team? I wonder if Croatia will feel like their dark jersey is lucky! I think another nice looking match would be France in B/W/B and Croatia in R/W/R.
  14. I'm not familiar with the rules, but this makes me wonder about cleats. I'm sure shoe manufacturers don't want to hurt sales, but why doesn't FIFA enforce those colors as well?
  15. The Russian who somehow goofed his socks up (folded them? etc) is killing me:
  16. I guess my problem with the original Coyote's jersey is that the green shoulders get lost on the black jersey. Cool recolors, here are some other variations: IMO the green with orange and purple (row two column one) is pretty dang sharp!
  17. I wondered what Carolina would look like if they mimicked the striping pattern from sleeves/socks on the shoulders and waist. Also I took out the state flag and the white outline of the logo: I really like the flag horizontal pattern at the waist, so I'm not sure that I agree with omitting that.
  18. I did some Googling due to the CBJ prototype thread, and as an Avalanche fan my brain locked up for a moment due to this image:
  19. This has probably been covered, but I'm still unclear why some of the logos seem to have a blue/green hue
  20. haha the advertisements impact the unique sleeve features:
  21. I guess I'm late on this, and apologies if it's already been posted, but speaking of black jerseys for teams who have cooler colors available: Terrible. They have a cool color combo! Why waste it? They've looked good with the state line pattern, argyle, hoops, and even windowpanes. Now they've devolved into tin foil and black. It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.