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  1. This board has taught me that monochrome is the worst possible look. After seeing this mismatched cacophony I say nay. EMCB
  2. Ha what kind of people are we? Dolphins helmets and pants are the same too (orange on white on navy on teal). Actually as I squint at the pants their might be extra teal in there...
  3. not a bad matchup, but I think I prefer this era Not that striping must always be consistent, but it's funny that in yesterday's game each time had a different pattern for helmet, jersey, and pants!
  4. I'm sure there are varying opinions about patriotism in logos etc, and I don't really mean to stir the pot...but damn these Navy helmets are tacky: The jerseys/pants look nice though.
  5. Two days ago Forbes released their LIST of NHL franchise values. 8 of the 31 teams operate at a loss. Only 10 are apparently worth $650M or more (the expansion fee). I'm no businessman, but something doesn't add up here.
  6. I don't understand that, when given the chance to wear this or even this Washington wears these... mismatched burgandy, mismatched gold, illegible names, mismatched logos, weird sweatbox on pant stripes.
  7. big bump, but check out some of the other atrocities the same school has worn:
  8. _RH_

    NHL 2017-18

    For kicks and giggles I did a quick replacement of black on the Avs' road unis to blue: (also swapped the darn blue touching burgundy for the shoulder number) Not sure if this might be TOO much blue. What do you think; better than the black?
  9. _RH_

    NHL 2017-18

    The Avs look BETTER, but need more blue on the road jersey.
  10. What's up with this guy's logo? It looks way different than the prototype picture and this one:
  11. Surely someone's said this... but the addition of white to the jerseys and pants would really improve these for me.
  12. You guys ever heard the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well I disagree. Words are pointless in this thread. POST PICTURES.
  13. Can someone tell me why they don't put the bugs in the absolute corners of the screen? Is it a non-HD thing? If so, hasn't that ship sailed? My complaint is that everything on the "small" side of the bug feels totally useless.
  14. Not sure why I only now noticed the "U" being capitalized, but that is going to really bug me now. Why would an acronym not all be capitalized?
  15. _RH_

    NHL 2017-18

    -looks like Calgary's "C" is different (maybe just bad photoshop) -the Minny picture shows that the "dress shirt" bottom is still in place (to an extent) -Colorado using grey on jersey just isn't quite right; black and white was better. And, like someone else said, why keep black equipment?!
  16. _RH_

    NHL 2017-18

    I know the lighting is always weird in these promos, but does it look like the holes in the blue layer are showing a grey layer underneath?
  17. Has anyone mocked up the primary sans shield? I think that might have been cool...you'd end up with a "V" of the background color. Maybe that's why the shield exists? To keep the "V" a consistent color?
  18. Surely that image has been flipped horizontally so we get a nice "LV"...right?
  19. The Avs have 2 Borques (Rene and Gabriel), but I'm pretty sure that neither have their first initial on their nameplate. Is it a rule that first initial be specified if last names are the same? Also weird: R Bourque wore 24 and an "A" in the preseason, but didn't keep either! Now he's 17.
  20. It looked like all the Indiana players cut off their capris
  21. Maybe it's just this hotel TV, but is this a different shade of blue for SD? Why you no powder blue? !
  22. Did that "6" get the Oregon-top-heavy-strongman treatment or is it indicative of Adidas fabric?
  23. I think it makes perfect sense that someone who loves this: Also loves this:
  24. And not just on the damn cleats! I'm still not sure where the silver came from...