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  1. I came here just to post this haha...looks pretty bad.
  2. IMO the Orange VT helmets suffer the same problem as Michigan State: not enough contrast. IMO the horizontally-striped "Navy" VT helmet doesn't work because the rest of the uniform has vertical stripes. I don't mind the "bass boat " Oregon lids.
  3. If the "V" were blue I think the helmet would be fine. Why has no one posted the Louisville set, I'd like to see it.
  4. At first glance this game really confused me: And I agree with the poster asking for pictures. Some of us don't have all the channels. Is there a way we could have one thread of actual pictures and another with member reactions? Or a way to collapse everything but images?
  5. In the past we've seen the good, bad, and ugly from schools around the country. This thread is for the serious trainwrecks. I'll get us started with an example ... the Tigers (from Lee's Summit, Missouri with a rip off of Mizzou's logo)
  6. You know what? I think those Hawaii pants are pretty cool!
  7. How is there enough contrast for the numbers on the dark southern Miss jerseys?
  8. I think the slashes through the stripes are clever, and the UCLA jerseys aren't really the same. It's a shame the material looks so cheap. And that w-o-g combo should never be seen again. I wonder if Adidas proposed the same slash design on the helmet.
  9. Colorado's changes are embarrassing. Check out their reaction to a fan saying the foot logo was better: https://mobile.twitter.com/Avalanche/status/614543419621416960 Everywhere I've looked online the reaction has been negative. It's not just the "jersey geeks", the average fan knows that the Avs have made their ugly uniforms even worse. I wish somehow a petition would start and the Avs would correct the REAL problems on their uniforms. I'm trying to think, wasn't their a logo unveiled that was then redacted before it was actually worn on the field?
  10. Cool picture. I spy the Phoenix 3rd template there. I don't think I'd ever seen a gold Ducks jersey either. I still think going away from their original color palette was an aesthetic downgrade.
  11. I don't know the significance of "Nodaks", but isn't it redundant? I suppose Houston Texans is similar, but "North Dakota Nodaks"?
  12. Yes. Being from KC, I would prefer KC Wizards to Sporting KC. Is it a strange name that screams "1990s"? Sure. But you know what, that's the history. For a league so into years of inception, they sure don't mind revising history. As a person who enjoys soccer (but isn't a die hard fan) I would prefer hokey nicknames to contrived plagiarism.
  13. Can someone give the stats on (A) how many Nike schools there are and ( B ) how many of them have pant stripes?
  14. The silver would be easier to stomach if there were, you know, some team colors on the kit.
  15. I don't know why, but I can't unsee a profile in that new logo:
  16. IMO those jerseys show the problem with contrasting shoulder yokes. As a player (and obviously I'm far from an NHL player) I always find the "yoke-full-stripe" look difficult to quickly identify as white or dark. To me it's worst when the yoke is wide and white.
  17. Well the Avalanche, in my estimation, are out of excuses.
  18. Surely this has been covered before, but my search didn't find anything. Does it bug anyone else how terrible the star looks from other angles? It's especially apparent on the on-field logos.
  19. I'd love this to be true; was this heard from a relevant source?