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  1. Trying to come up with a joke about an app called Cervx, please send suggestions

    1. fumbler


      Only if you have room for it.


      Never thought it would be decorated like this.


      Are you sure this is the place we were supposed to meet up?

  2. Found some pics of Alyson Hannigan in lingerie. Be back in ten minutes.

  3. "@NHL: How pumped are all you #Isles fans?" You spelled "both" wrong.

  4. I dunno man, this compuserve thing seems pretty legit.

  5. A gay wrestling tag team called The Rainbow Connection

  6. These last two @NHLJets games have had me yearning for the John Paddock glory days

  7. Hey Vancouver, remember when the Waldorf was a :censored:hole that nobody gave two shots about? Really? It was only 3 years ago.

  8. Is Sonic out of the hospital yet? Is he okay? Oh wait sorry wrong hedgehog I meant Ron Jeremy #Ronicthehedgehog #imgoingbacktobed

  9. Hey nerds in the biz, any suggestions for a good cheap/free ios or android mobile pos system? Pls rt. Square compatible much preferred.

  10. I'm being followed by @HumptyFunk. Suck it haters.

  11. actually what if one used filtered bacon grease as part of the fat content in caramel? @BigPileofSalt your thoughts?

  12. Spike Jones. Jesus Christ what a showman.

  13. Making an attempted at maple bacon salted caramels today. Why? Reasons. And #SCIENCE

  14. Maple bacon caramels a dud. Sugar too dark, not near enough bacon flavor. Gonna try again in a few minutes since I have lots of ingredients

  15. Or maybe its the router. Can anyone suggest a Better cheap router than the d-link dir-615?

  16. We've also got donkey shows, Motley Crue, and cake! #iasip

  17. MT "@Gizmodo: The WSJ reports that Sony will announce the PlayStation 4 on February 20th: http://t.co/CsHPIuIh" @andymoniker

  18. I whipped this out last night as an interlocking logo for @lotfwagon. C&C from my design friends back east? http://t.co/DjDW1hGU

  19. Only in Canada would a government employee sell state secrets to the Russians for thirty grand

  20. . @Jeremy_Roenick hey there's nothing wrong with me. Can I get an RT for not faking an illness or for not having a dying wish to trend? Thx

  21. Behold the fruit of my loins http://t.co/PHbUiofN

  22. RT @frozenblueber: friendly reminder that miss piggy verbally abused kermit for years and people just act like thats okay because of how to…