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  1. Anyone close enough to me knows how much I loved Mike Richards. I believed that when I had acquired him, I had found my own Derek Jeter.

    The only post-coital gift baskets Richards doles out are filled with antibiotics.
    Or are rapidly confiscated at the Emerson border crossing.

    Seriously, dude, ask anyone who cross border shops, you go to a busy crossing because those agents are overworked and don't give a :censored: about anything. It's the smaller crossings where you're gonna get sear he'd for attempting a lame joke about pretty much anything.

    I may or may not be speaking from experience here.

  2. Concussion, telling the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu's discovery of the link between football and CTE, debuted its first trailer:


    It's getting the "WATCH the trailer that has Roger Goodell pissing his pants!" treatment from the content machines, but I can't say I'm hopeful that this movie will radically fix this sport or bring accountability to the villains in this story.

    It'll do less to harm the league's reputation than Draft Day ever could.

  3. And yet, Vancouver consistently and quietly put together great squads using under-the-radar central American players, have the most wins in the league, are second on the west, and nobody talks about them because they don't spend a ton of cash and aren't worthy of a glamour pedestal.

  4. Perhaps, but most women in a "he said/she said" situation don't willingly enter into a potential four-hour-plus rape kit investigation. It's incredibly invasive, remarkably thorough, and not usually something someone undergoes on a whim.

    Hate to break it to you, dude bros, but any and all rape allegations need to be taken seriously. Even, maybe especially, if they're being made against someone who's good at sports.

  5. I say this as someone who enjoys playing video games.

    They're not sports.

    Golf, bowling, and auto racing? Definitely sports.

    Bowling is my cutoff. It's sporting as much as golf is. If bowling had been invented & still played outdoors on grass, it'd probably be more supported as a sport.

    Darts... is that a sport? Archery is a sport...

    Poker is not a sport. Chess is not a sport. StarCraft is not a sport. Sex is not a sport.

    Yet women's sex could be considered a sport, because I would argue that certain kinds of footwear certainly enhance performance.

  6. Bill Foley said they were going to hold a "name the team" contest. The "Black Knights" on the expansion application was just the name of his holdings coimpany, that's an offshoot of his Black Knights Financial Services, Inc.

    Settle down, everyone.

    You make it sound like a name the team contest isn't a way for ownership to rig things in their favour. "yes, Aces was the clear fan favourite, but we just thought Black Knight's rolled off the tongue so much better."

    They aren't legally binding in any way. If they were, I'd start a write-in campaign for Texans and make damn sure I did everything I could to make it win.

  7. .... And then those jerseys were used for the Jets when they were brought into the NHL in 1979, sans the Helvetica name and number fonts.

    Didn't the Jets literally buy the Rangers' used jerseys and strip them?

    I think it was more a matter of John Ferguson bringing them with him from New York when he was hired as the Jets GM. That idea holds some merit, though.