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  1. RT @Ethan__Howe: If cows were people part:1 https://t.co/QHSpRkuYPc

  2. "I was just thinking" SMDH https://t.co/JF8pqZKpZZ

  3. Kane then threw three stacks of hundreds at Thornton while Logan Couture showered in a sweatsuit as a sign of solid… https://t.co/JiPJLKMXbA

  4. RT @panelpulp: Nancy — Just One Slice (1958) https://t.co/4ujRhgNYfu

  5. @trburton63 @Jenny_Ewart I'm rather glad and somewhat relieved that you don't find me attractive.

  6. It doesn't matter how far you are from the doors, your cigarette still smells :censored:ing horrible.

  7. An all-fat guy AC/DC tribute called KFC/DC

  8. @PhilHecken @CorkGaines The green hat from that set, in a 39Thirty, is my white whale.

  9. RT @PaladinCornelia: "People who don't clap are treasonous." https://t.co/hFg6p0RmEX

  10. @IanAMartin @JustifiedBagel If it's any consolation there's almost nothing available at any price out here in the sticks.

  11. At the end of Anchorman, Wes Man tooth grabs the ladder as Ron Burgundy is climbing out of the bear pit and is abou… https://t.co/WwgKNcRiA5

  12. I really want to find a premier league team to be a fan of but I have a life

  13. RT @davedittell: 1940s reporter: hold your horses fellas, I got a big scoop! turns out that new champion slugger for the big ball club is a…

  14. Did anyone in the @nhl ask Willie O'Ree, their Diversity Ambassador, how he felt about Kid Rock?

  15. RT @chrissyteigen: trump became president the same year people started eating tide pods

  16. @mistergoats You got this. It's easy. And if everything falls apart, I can help you get on at Starlight as a blackjack dealer.

  17. RT @CharlieDaniels: Hey Taco Bell The Illuminati is not a frivolous subject

  18. This viral marketing for @AlaskaAir is pretty crappy https://t.co/9oAvxQty1w

  19. @LamingerRudolf Does this count towards your longstanding offer? ?

  20. The clone and I within 15 minutes of @Jenny_Ewart going to Kelowna to pick her mom up at the airport https://t.co/5Q7R9QkvGM

  21. I have uninstalled untappd

  22. RT @MuslimIQ: 2017—Americans killed by: •Muslim extremists: 9 •Armed toddlers: 21 •Lightning: 31 •Lawnmowers: 69 •Being hit by a bus: 264 •…

  23. My twitter family: Parents: @hockey_brunch @YaleHollander Spouse: @mistergoats Children: @LindsideOut @Jenny_Ewart… https://t.co/yIN13TFTcy

  24. RT @MommaUnfiltered: Do your daughters a favor and raise them to be ok with people not liking them.