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  1. RT @TheOnion: ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens https://t.co/ZtrimxH2yD https://t.co/L17GlAA9ym

  2. RT @TheRealKalvano: reddit just thought up the library https://t.co/B2JCYIWJn2

  3. RT @VaughnHillyard: Mike Pence asked to respond to an 11-year-old girl concerned about her self image in intvw w/ @ScottLight10TV tonight:…

  4. RT @VP: Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever. https://t.co/uNsxouTKOO

  5. RT @Whoabot: lena dunham is the swedish fish oreo of people

  6. Second row on the floor to see @JohnCleese and @EricIdle live in Kelowna. Pretty good I think.

  7. Seriously, if you go out if your way to watch Entertainment Tonight, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Or breed.

  8. Thank you your help. I believe we are going with Beefsquatch.

  9. That's not a woman, that's a Christmas tree! #StellaDallas

  10. The boy pines for a stuffed Jibanyan, as run through a Prisma filter https://t.co/VyhW9WnwsZ

  11. The clone and I within 15 minutes of @Jenny_Ewart going to Kelowna to pick her mom up at the airport https://t.co/5Q7R9QkvGM

  12. The Necronomiconomist

  13. The neighbor keeps trying to play drums along with his stereo, but every time he goes to a fill, he loses the time horribly.

  14. This is fine https://t.co/mI4d4BdCZU

  15. This is the best item on Wish right now https://t.co/6WknORmVok

  16. This viral marketing for @AlaskaAir is pretty crappy https://t.co/9oAvxQty1w

  17. Today I love Boston. Tomorrow I'll go back to thinking they're :censored:, but today I love them. #gojetsgo #anyonebuttoronto

  18. Who. Gives. A. Flying. :censored:? https://t.co/AObVasYbWa

  19. Yeah Mike https://t.co/Ra3vYgNMY6