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  1. Steve Perry! Steeve Perry! Steeeeeeeeeeeeve....PERRY!
  2. In all fairness, however, it is miles ahead of the logo for the Careno's (half casino, half arena) other tenant, the Mohegan Wolves: Ahh, I take it back. They both suck harder than Tracy Lords...
  3. I would like to once again come in from left field, and suggest the COLORADO PACKERS, named for alleged Colorado cannibal and musical subject, Alferd Packer. (sings refrain from Cannibal! The Musical) The sky is blue and all the leaves are green The sun's as warm as a baked potato I think you know exactly what I mean When I say it's a shpadoinkle day! *ahem*...carry on.....
  4. One thing's for certain, that would look hella cool under a blacklight... Good job.
  5. hey Chris, I buggered up and posted this twice; can you close the other thread? Tank? Anyone?
  6. ...From www.theahl.com:
  7. on a completely unrelated note, does anyone remember when the one in the middle was considered the 'hot' one? Oy gevalt, what the hell happened?
  8. Two words: To each their own. I personally find them garish to the point of abomination, but as always, YMMV. Although I suppose it's just a matter of time before some minor-league marketing guru wanting to make a name for himself at any cost thinks "Hey! Those Bills-colors Zubaz pants I used to wear were cool! I wonder how they'd look on a baseball/hockey/lacrosse jersey..."
  9. And in an almost/sort of related story out of Canada...
  10. Well, what are they gonna use? A picture of the highway to Detroit? I agree, that font needs work. Something bolder, for sure. ANYTHING besides "Times New Roman Italic". We'll see what happens if the Moose do get the '05 game...
  11. Mockba, if you mean those godawful blue/black/silver flamed atrocities, I swear to god, I hope you're joking. They used to wear those in warmup (when I saw them play the Mooooooose, that is) and even my 9 year-old nephew said "Those are damned ugly. We don't have to look at those all night, do we?" I hope those stay in mothballs. Permanently.
  12. Those jerseys make the players look a little 'girly'...
  13. Rapids Set to Unveil New Uniforms Tonight Colorado Rapids Press Release The Colorado Rapids are poised to reveal their brand-new colors, uniforms and attitude tonight at the Rapids ?Black & Blue Ball?. This Invitation-Only event will feature the entire Rapids 2003 squad, Head Coach Tim Hankinson, General Manager Dan Counce, and select members of the media and special guests. The festivities will take place tonight from 7-9pm at Blue 67 downtown. The new 2003 Rapids kits by Atletica will be modeled in front of the crowd in a fashion show emceed by KMGH Channel 7?s Sports Personality Lionel Bienvenu. Black and blue drinks will be served tonight at the event, which will officially serve as a marking point of the club?s switch to a brand-new identity. Rapids fans can check out photos of the new uniforms tonight at www.coloradorapids.com , as the Rapids website is set to switch over to a new black-and-blue theme simultaneously to the unveiling at Blue 67
  14. Discuss. Personally, I find it rather blah...
  15. From the AHL website: "The Toronto Roadrunners have officially been welcomed as the American Hockey League's 29th active franchise, to begin play in the 2003-04 season. The Roadrunners name, logo and uniform were unveiled at a press conference today on the construction site of the new Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto. The Roadrunners will serve as the top development team of the NHL's Edmonton Oilers, and play their home games at the Ricoh Coliseum, located at the National Trade Centre on the grounds of Canadian National Exhibition Place. The historic Coliseum, which opened in 1922, is undergoing a $38-million renovation to become a state-of-the-art 10,000-seat facility. "We're proud to add one of the world's foremost hockey cities into the American Hockey League," said AHL President and CEO David Andrews. "The Roadrunners bolster our Canadian Division and will instantly create some great on-ice rivalries." I Couldn't find any pics of the jerseys, but apparently the roads "look a lot like the Oilers' jerseys". Anyone have any further info? Hopefully the thirds won't be those awful blue & silver flame jerseys they used to use in Phoenix.
  16. Actually, Sy, that's a green shield. Either way, though, black or green, it looks like hell. I can't believe in that entire league, only a handful of teams have a decent logo. Albany, San Diego, Quad City, Macon, MAYBE Louisville & Bakersfield....ugh. However, looking at the XploRRz homepage, the facade for the Desoto Civic Center looks kinda neat. Anyone know if that's a real pic, or just some down-homey idealization of what it'll look like?
  17. I simply find it ironic that with that old Capitals wordmark, all the letters are lowercase.
  18. Not bad there, RC. I like the second one, with the red armbands on the sleeves. On a related note, I saw a bit of a picture of the Caps in the paper today...did they change their road unies slightly? The arm stripes looked a little different than they used to...more of a metallic gold, with the angled stripes rather than straight across. Or have they always been like that?
  19. ...that guy in the middle of the second pic looks really embarrased to be in that windbreaker. And i thought the Twinkies' red jerseys screamed "Dairy Queen"...those are worse.
  20. That was the Las Vegas Posse, when they had some idiot lounge singer do the Canadian anthem.
  21. from www.mlb.com: http://mlb.mlb.com/images/2003/02/02/9Z6lbueE.jpg
  22. Which will make everyone up here think the game is being sponsored by Labatt's 50 Ale. Mmmmm....50 ale...
  23. Lee.


    In keeping with the official "Logo for January 2003" logo thingie: Copy and paste, whatever you gotta do Enjoy.
  24. Lee.

    Killer bees?!

    Are you thinking of www.oursportscentral.com? ***EDITED*** I type the URL in wrong...try it again L
  25. And as Chris already knows, I have an orginal replica yellow V mesh jersey, bought and worn when I was in 7th grade (1981 or so)... Anyone know if CCM will ever do the navy Whale jerseys in the vintage line? I'd step over my own wife to get one of those bad boys...