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Status Updates posted by Lee.

  1. A gay wrestling tag team called The Rainbow Connection

  2. A piƱata of a boy in a wheelchair ay a baby shower. That's about as bad as it gets.

  3. A sports themed gay porn series entitled Thunder Sticks

  4. Aaaaaaaaand there's that feeling that #bellletstalk was all about

  5. According to this movie, Rebecca DeMornay still gots it.

  6. Actually the drama is with old friend of the wife, not the usual suspects downstairs. Not a surprise but still.

  7. actually what if one used filtered bacon grease as part of the fat content in caramel? @BigPileofSalt your thoughts?

  8. Add flare to any formal occasion by doing up all the buttons on your Polo shirts

  9. Alison Brie on 60s frocks? Moar pls

  10. All I need is a little ambition today. That's all.

  11. All You Can Eat Warren Buffet (features hot rabbit carving station)

  12. All you women who go on about beards sure shut the hell up when me and mine show up #wolfmantransition #stupidnativeblood #frottagemychinpls

  13. Almost time to change my avi and fake name. BUT TO WHAT

  14. Also GameCenter is the worst fifty bucks I've evet spent. Next year its streams all the way.

  15. Also, I kinda lilke @WSAWinnipeg's kits. Looking good for a PDL team.

  16. Also, I missed wishing @joelfiasco a happy birthday. Happy birthday, @joelfiasco

  17. Also, this town needs a BBQ restaurant. SAAAAYYYYY.... #lordoftheribs #PorkLord

  18. And he calls Wonder Woman "Watermelon" always has

  19. And here's a non gooey picture of the kittehs.. http://t.co/wFXlTMbIlB

  20. And if you missed it, our cat gave birth to 6 out of 7 kittehs on my wife's side of the bed this morning. RIP white duvet cover.

  21. And then I got sick

  22. And then I saw a fire at penticton speedway

  23. And then, out of the blue, another interview

  24. And with that, the kittens (except Norbert, who we're keeping) have homes. Next: spaying the goddamned cat.