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  1. RT @KenJennings: Have you considered that your thoughts and prayers aren't doing jack :censored:

  2. @604Heather Perspective.

  3. @Lazin_Ryder Matthew,

  4. RT @dcarterruff: Oh ok https://t.co/6BHtljVuWl

  5. RT @BillyArmagh: A Sassy Gay Republican DRAMA in Four Acts. ?? https://t.co/O3tNiTg56A

  6. I have sensitive teeth, so I need to be very careful how I talk about them

  7. RT @louisvirtel: Don't let the Ted Cruz porn story distract you from the fact that he is somehow younger than Jennifer Lopez.

  8. I'm only on pornhub to see what's so great about the clip that @tedcruz was jacking it to

  9. @rachelmillman I was ~ 6, got my Dad a Vise Grip adjustable wrench. The commercials made it look impressive. Even had it wrapped @ the mall

  10. RT @RobynHitchcock: This Norwegian cartoon has just been blocked from re-tweet: https://t.co/l887h8aB3a

  11. @alannabelak the sage who people take for a fool? I want Stephen Root to play me.

  12. @IanAMartin was it worth it, Ian? Really?

  13. It has almost as many holes as the Browns' defence https://t.co/mOGtJDBSCv

  14. Live, laugh, larvae

  15. A superhero- / wife sharing- / Spinal Tap- themed bakery named "Cucks and Capes."

  16. Moving day. I'm accepting generous donations of beer and spirits. @cityofpenticton

  17. Guys. Guys. GUYS. Pornhub has clips with descriptive video.

  18. @trburton63 apples, tree, distance, etc

  19. Download a Bear! https://t.co/q7zuhDtaQy Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear https://t.co/yCVcqfwO1W

  20. This is fine https://t.co/mI4d4BdCZU

  21. @DavidGogoBlues DADGAD that :censored:, son.

  22. Fred Schneider humming the Dick Van Dyke Show theme

  23. Jesus wept https://t.co/bXhOJRa3lP

  24. Not entirely sure why @QtipTheAbstract was dressed like Billy Jack, though

  25. Who. Gives. A. Flying. :censored:? https://t.co/AObVasYbWa