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  1. I'm leaving the house in sweatpants. You did this, America.

  2. I like podcasts

  3. I'm thinking Trump supporters will give Melania a pass because she's pretty white.

  4. RT @camilzf: Life.. https://t.co/FjHClEqxFr

  5. Hallowieners https://t.co/aluJU9HkTb

  6. I'll just take solace in the fact that the Cubs got to the series in my lifetime.

  7. RT @george_clinton: George Clinton: Vote Hillary because Trump is not funky https://t.co/U1d9gDv1kx

  8. In Kelowna to see @JohnCleese and @EricIdle. Second row. Thirty feet from greatness. https://t.co/2IExgmpo8q

  9. It's The Great Blumpkin, Charlie Brown!

  10. RT @LisaBloom: Hi James. As you surely know, my client died. Have a nice day and stay classy! https://t.co/WagDlhEcBB

  11. RT @StephensWSJ: Trump's answer on accepting the outcome of the vote is the most disgraceful statement by a presidential candidate in 160 y…

  12. RT @meganamram: I call my vagina "New Yorker cartoon" because it's dry and a handful of people have laughed at it

  13. @MichaelDanger19 the kiosk in the mall was once selling Chinese knockoff Spidek Man backpacks

  14. RT @VaughnHillyard: Mike Pence asked to respond to an 11-year-old girl concerned about her self image in intvw w/ @ScottLight10TV tonight:…

  15. RT @ch000ch: https://t.co/TRalG4geDv

  16. RT @johnroderick: Incredibly telling body language: “@BryFun1: Tiffany Trump skillfully pulls away from her dad's kiss #debate https://t.co…

  17. RT @laurenreeves: Grab Our :censored: https://t.co/TUdQm3A42M

  18. https://t.co/yhbvRuyebt

  19. RT @HillaryClinton: It's 3:20am. As good a time as any to tweet about national service. https://t.co/6hRCC16UiV

  20. RT @Sonikku_a: Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego. https://t.co/xkadJmPkRg

  21. RT @GovHowardDean: Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?

  22. The neighbor keeps trying to play drums along with his stereo, but every time he goes to a fill, he loses the time horribly.

  23. Seriously, if you go out if your way to watch Entertainment Tonight, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Or breed.

  24. RT @molly_knight: omg this guy is coming for our guns you have to do something!!! @NRA https://t.co/gSmpaAhnkv