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  1. Buzztweeting at corporations and autonomous provincial distribution boards FTW #youscrews

  2. Call me.Ishmael.#candyheartrejects

  3. Cam Barker is on waivers, reminding you to spay or neuter your spare defensemen

  4. Can't sleep. ABACAB by Genesis is stuck in my head. Yours too, now, I hope.

  5. cat might be pregnant. I'm too young to be a grandfather

  6. Catalina dressing is just ketchup for salads

  7. Chana Masala you will always be in my heart.

  8. Christy Clark has decided to invest $1B into lottery tickets to help secure BC's economic future #bcpoli #idiot

  9. Clone is happily watching the Lego Batman movie, big dopey grin on his face. #nerdling

  10. Clone is running around the house playing air guitar to @tmbg's "Cyclops Rock." What's your four year old up to?

  11. Clone: "Harley Quinn is a mean girl."

  12. Come on guys, if Rob Ford was a crack addict, do you REALLY think he'd still be that fat?

  13. Congratulations, Red Hook. You've made the first IPA I enjoy drinking. — Drinking a Long Hammer IPA — http://t.co/tUQPn0kpSB

  14. Daughter: "why do you pick such long movies right before bed?" Me: "im optimistic."

  15. Dealt to a guy from Augusta GA today. Slurred after one Canadian beer.

  16. Dear @cogno would you like an Email detailing various debit and credit fees and services?

  17. Dear @NHLJets offer sheet Ryan O'Reilly. Now.

  18. dear christ. Dirty Work, although funny, is one of the worst-acted movies ever.

  19. dear god, I love this song. https://t.co/GwqxObGTMr

  20. Dear hivemind: best debit card processing service for Canadian small business. Price/service. Think square but for interac

  21. Didn't referee Danny Davis join the Herman Family?

  22. Don Cherry calling someone a Luddite is like a Druid calling an Amish a witch.

  23. Don Cherry is an idiot. Fire his senile ass. RT @hockeynight Don Cherry says linesman might cost team Stanley Cup

  24. Ever since A&E quit showing WWII shows 24/7, white people been complaining about not having their own history month.

  25. Explosions in Boston. Possible grenades found in Vancouver post office. It's pretty plain that SOMEBODY doesn't like hockey.