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  1. Dammit, Canada https://t.co/slhkrpVqJN

  2. RT @HelpFindWife: where is my wife

  3. @IanAMartin having the same issues with porting a cell number at the moment

  4. Because of course I chose the manic depressive sidekick https://t.co/VO1GfJk7jt

  5. @IanAMartin I just want to save files made in an office suite that doesn't have "ms" in its name

  6. I just realized that in "Bobcaygeon," Willie Nelson is a Marijuana reference.

  7. That's not a woman, that's a Christmas tree! #StellaDallas

  8. RT @Flyestoncampus: This the best thing I seen all week http://t.co/qe69jyb0xR

  9. RT @spacemanbart: @drpepper Larry, you look just like the guy who gave me a reach around during the national anthem.

  10. RT @Whoabot: lena dunham is the swedish fish oreo of people

  11. The Necronomiconomist

  12. RT @ParkerMolloy: Reading the list of other articles the "How to Talk to a Girl Wearing Headphones" guy wrote and wow. https://t.co/yUXrCKL…

  13. @kevincartermsp HE KNOWS @EricIdle @JohnCleese

  14. Second row on the floor to see @JohnCleese and @EricIdle live in Kelowna. Pretty good I think.

  15. @Shawhelp known issues in penticton?

  16. My dad has learned how to text and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with this

  17. RT @jon_bois: just buy batons for all the runners. it’s ridiculous that they have to share. i mean i won’t pay for it, but someone should

  18. https://t.co/Hj0tnMuLz2

  19. @CattyDonnelly I'd wager "All of them"

  20. @DannyDeVito explain yourself https://t.co/xbC1nS8V5X

  21. RT @mattvbrady: i believe this vine accurately summarises my 35 year relationship with my little brother https://t.co/K3rnt2bAPX

  22. Yeah Mike https://t.co/Ra3vYgNMY6

  23. Pay your back child support. https://t.co/T5oyGMJ8LU

  24. RT @robdelaney: Man I love Cincinnati… https://t.co/Ry57hC9FZ6

  25. The boy pines for a stuffed Jibanyan, as run through a Prisma filter https://t.co/VyhW9WnwsZ