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Status Updates posted by Lee.

  1. feels message boards are the lowest form of communication

  2. first load of stuff taken to the new place. 40 to go

  3. First one to gets that reference wins a special prize. MY HEART.

  4. For a 12 lb dog he sure snores and farts in his sleep a lot.

  5. for no reason whatsoever I have ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses" in my head. It's that damned A-Bb slide

  6. For some reason we're hanging out and selling poutine till the wee hours. Pray for us.

  7. Found some pics of Alyson Hannigan in lingerie. Be back in ten minutes.

  8. Frying chicken, like a boss

  9. Funny how its $500 less to fly to Vegas from Bellingham instead of kelowna

  10. Funny how Mats Sundin still has a huge Swedish accent but Niklaas Lidstrom sounds like he's a native Detroiter.

  11. Girls are watching Paranormal Activia 3, the movie that scares the :censored: out of you. #BLRegularis

  12. Glad to see @christyclarkbc's responsible government in action so quickly.

  13. Globetrotters using the 45 minute shot clock tonight

  14. Going through local Chinese menus, seeing if no. 69 is beef and broccoli on all of them

  15. gonna have to crowdsource some allspice if I want this jerk chicken to taste right

  16. gonna strap my phone to my dog and post the results on vine

  17. Great news! Every woman at the party has received COMPANY ISSUED RAPE WHISTLES http://t.co/8Dh3fHJP79

  18. had an energy shot earlier labeled "for the troops" they must mean the PTSD troops.because i can't stop shaking

  19. Hamilton is like a mini Pittsburgh, which means it doesn't quite have the appeal or class that Pittsburgh has


  21. happy mothers day i guess http://t.co/GiSr4E4Tu7

  22. HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY MURICA http://t.co/fCJ5mLrv

  23. heavens there are certainly a lot of Metal Mulisha window clings in this town.