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  1. I suppose missing Byfuglien is going to diminish them quite a bit. Maybe they'll ramp it up when he comes back, but now they don't control their own fate anymore. Go Canucks. Unclean, unclean.

    Injuries are killing this team, Ruxin. Byfuglien, Perreault, Little, Myers. That's a lot of front line talent out of the lineup.

  2. Because even more than artists, Brandiose are excellent salesmen. Hucksters, if you will. They do such a good job at selling their hackneyed designs that I don't think the teams know what hit them afterwards.

    It's like showing up to buy a pre-owned, grey 2007 Corolla and leaving the lot with a hot pink 2016 Hummer H2. Somewhere along the line, someone with a gift for gab convinced you that what you wanted wasn't really what you wanted, and that you needed something else. That's where they truly excel.

  3. With the massive support that junior hockey has in Regina and Saskatoon, as well as the D-1 programs in Grand Forks and Fargo, let's just stop throwing those towns out there as potential landing spots for the MooseCaps.

    At this stage, Winnipeg and Hamilton are the cities that make the most sense.

  4. I'm not a fan of Winnipeg having two pro hockey teams. I worry about them cannibalizing the market. However, if it's true that there are no nonstop flights from Winnipeg to St. John's, then it's time to give that up and let Montreal keep things in Atlantic Canada. The best solution would probably be simply to flip-flop the Hamilton and St. John's affiliations. Should be no trouble flying guys out of Pearson to Winnipeg and back.

    Technically Hamilton has what they claim is an airport, but considering you have to walk onto the tarmac to board a plane, it's more of a fancy bus depot without all the high-falutin' bus depot amenities.

  5. Sometimes the devil is in the details. Funny story - when I was in grade school, I had a teacher who was a big Devils fan. According to my best friend, whom I first met in this class, around the time the Devils won the Cup in '95, he and I started to hang out. It has turned into a 20 year friendship.

    So in a strange way, I have New Jersey to thank for that.

    In other hockey news:


    Funny story. The guy who has the radio show that John Tory was talking to, Fearless Fred? He's a Winnipeg boy. Back in the day, I used to hang out with a few radio guys, and he was an intern at the rock station. One of the DJ and I were working on a musical project, and he was totally impressed that I played bass, and hung around me like a puppy for weeks, asking me to give him lessons.

    He's come a long way. Good to see.

  6. Even if the Myers/Stafford trade hasn't really worked to perfection yet, you gotta give him credit for going for it this year. It's time.

    Man, I'm to the Jets as you and Sodboy are to the Blackhawks. I'm all in on this team, it's just nice to see GMKC finally working the phones. I'm not gonna complain. Tlusty isn't The Answer, but he's got 13 goals. That's the same as an injured EKane, so who's complaining?