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  1. RT @VP: Happy 55th, Barack! A brother to me, a best friend forever. https://t.co/uNsxouTKOO

  2. @hurrrdurrr :censored: em. Beefway had the best prices on pork belly etc when I was still an urban dweller

  3. RT @mccoveychron: And as your president, I will give you my solemn pledge to tweet this picture every time I remember it exists. https://t.…

  4. RT @Bencjacobs: This is a fair complaint. Last time Trump went head to head with the NFL the USFL folded https://t.co/mj1fuZTRbV

  5. RT @PREMlUMCONTENT: men HATE it when the rabbit theyre hunting dresses up as a beautiful woman and seduces them

  6. RT @ClubPenguinBans: https://t.co/dYR0ceZMPG

  7. RT @Phylan: there is a uh, can of Fanta in the Marianas Trench https://t.co/7J4QsvUx8x

  8. @JustifiedBagel it wasn't burning any barns the first time through either

  9. Not sure if some of these new Jurassic World toys are really meant for kids. https://t.co/PrkQkemXUu

  10. @DavidGogoBlues https://t.co/qL4dNRYXgm

  11. RT @TheRealKalvano: reddit just thought up the library https://t.co/B2JCYIWJn2

  12. @Regnimalia "we can't even play UFO songs, they sued us! Instead of 'Doctor, Doctor' we have to sing 'Dentist, Dentist!'"

  13. RT @BBW_BFF: hey "foodies" and "cinephiles," you don't have to be a dickhead about everything, you can just like movies and eating like eve…

  14. RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: Make friends today by reminding people who say "May the 4th be with you" that the Kent State shootings happened on May 4…

  15. RT @NeilHamburger: Nobody panic. We still have @Maroon5 @RascalFlatts @FooFighters @KanyeWest @Nickelback @FallOutBoy @Drake @TedNugent @Ec…

  16. @Regnimalia https://t.co/Mt6rxOszo9

  17. Axl joining AC/DC makes perfect sense seeing as how neither has released anything worthwhile since 1991

  18. Sometimes, there are two of them.

  19. Attention @NHLJets https://t.co/0Hr7UFUuyl

  20. I've decided it's time, after some 33 years, to stop reading Stephen King. I will have no further comment on this matter.

  21. @atf13atf saving this for Facebook. Maybe tumblr

  22. RT @pzf: BREAKING NEWS: xHamster Porn Site blocks users from North Carolina from viewing porn https://t.co/zBvyWeNJFw

  23. @fergoe Jesus, here I am thinking Hancock is dead and it's a football player.

  24. Pretty sure wtfk is my new favorite abbreviation

  25. "I know what a rusty trombone is, Jerri, I used to be a stewardess." #strangerswithcandy