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  1. . @Dodgers where exactly is Popcornopolis? Is it a suburb? Bedroom community? Sovereign state for tax evading mountain men?

  2. Meat Loaf is coming to town, further proving that no matter how awful it is, a large number of people will be excited about a concert

  3. Still one of the greatest stand up bits of all time. https://t.co/zoKNFA5NJO @TVsAndyDaly

  4. YES, OKAY WINNERS, WE GET IT @ Winners https://t.co/vha6AWyHvP

  5. RT @roqchams: You still aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. https://t.co/kMXG2V9UbM

  6. RT @marcmaron: thats how it starts. welcome to the rabbit hole https://t.co/EEMl9bLXEa

  7. RT @peachanakin: 13. LIT !! https://t.co/mu6FktzZzr

  8. https://t.co/9ktCJYl0qM

  9. RT @BoobsRadley: I was brought up Catholic but also extremely sheltered, so today I celebrate the day Christ went to a farm.

  10. RT @MyPetGloat: In light of the reaction to the budget, I've assembled a handy table for our Conservative friends. #cdnpoli https://t.co/ax…

  11. RT @Mobute: credit to @alanarusso for reminding me of donald sterling and, inevitably, my favorite donald sterling quote https://t.co/aU30b…

  12. @DavidGogoBlues come gamble at the casino afterward! I'll make sure you're at a good table. #pitboss

  13. @DougStanhope also, check these guys out https://t.co/e2viBd5CMo

  14. ! https://t.co/B3NMKem5ks

  15. Add flare to any formal occasion by doing up all the buttons on your Polo shirts

  16. @YaleHollander you need to step away from the Manischewitz

  17. @Unblock_Us Netflix can tell I'm using a proxy, has this been addressed yet?

  18. @alannabelak this is the female equivalent of a guy drooling over tentacle porn

  19. Okay, I'm gonna solve all of Saturday night love's problems in one tweet. No Beck Bennett, more Leslie Jones, more Pete Davidson. Done.

  20. RT @scalzi: When grandma is perfectly cool letting a Nazi salute fly outside a GOP candidate's event, we've got some problems. https://t.co…

  21. RT @mcurryfelidae07: Oh. @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/iIsDtv9Pqf https://t.co/eYMy0nmGG6

  22. RT @DougStanhope: Hey #BernieSanders you can walk off the stage as a winner knowing #CHIvsSTL is over. The beloved Blues win 2-1. Debate ov…

  23. Ruh roh https://t.co/udafnh6sKG

  24. Well then. Scheifele is really carrying the #nhljets on his back, isn't he?

  25. RT @asymbina: I can't stop watching this gif. https://t.co/SdZ5lbT7Nh