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  1. little more obvious then that but still pretty minor
  2. No it doesn't... If you look close you can see some subtle differences. Practice field is a modern block not traditional... combination of sharp angles and rounded edges
  3. I have no idea what the teams time tables are for release. Where I work we are officially licensed with the NFL so we see things here before the general public, but we aren't given advance notice to when teams plan official releases. We find that out just like everyone else once the team decides to put that info out.
  4. Chargers, Pats, Browns, Bucs, Colts. I liked... Rams and Falcons not so much
  5. Actually I was pleasantly surprised. I actually liked what they did.Keep in mind I haven't seen the helmets.
  6. All I will say is the Chargers in a major overhaul, not a revert. What I saw was only uniforms for all teams. Never saw any of the helmets so not sure what any team is doing with them at this point.
  7. You are thinking too big... Change is even more minor than what you listed.
  8. I cannot state where I got my info, but confirmed 7 teams making changes for 2020: Browns Buccaneers Chargers Colts (very minor) Falcons Patriots Rams These are changes to primary homes and aways and not just a change to an alternate. All the Broncos talk can stop... they are not making any changes for the 2020 season.
  9. Post Season Championship Round AFC Championship Titans @ Chiefs NFC Championship Packers @ 49ers
  10. Post Season Divisional Round Vikings @ 49ers Titans @ Ravens Texans @ Chiefs Seahawks @ Packers
  11. Post Season Wild Card Round (BYES: Ravens, Chiefs, 49ers, Packers) Bills @ Texans Titans @ Patriots Vikings @ Saints Seahawks @ Eagles
  12. Regular Season Week 17 (Part2) Titans @ Texans Colts @ Jaguars Chargers @ Chiefs Bears @ Vikings Dolphins @ Patriots Raiders @ Broncos Cardinals @ Rams 49ers @ Seahawks