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  1. Ah, ok... got it. so just post the direct link URL now and no coding is needed... thanks
  2. So now the board required [code] at the start instead of [img] Just want to make sure I am understanding, and thank you for the response.
  3. If you really look at the photos of those the yellow taper into the collar and the shoulders are yellow as well. It is more than just the sleeves. The current Nike cuts just don't do that well in my opinion. Just a small part of the reason to me that the current Cardinals and previous Bengals sets looked so bad.
  4. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and all opinions are right b/c they are just that, your opinion, but to me that 35/36 look I do not think will translate well to a modern template. Sleeves are so short now and the cuts make that different sleeve color and yoke look just not work well. Again just my opinion. I do like those I just don't think they work well on the current jersey cuts.
  5. Was there a setting change to the board? Pasting the BBCode direct into the post as we could in the past isn't working. It displays the actual link text when doing that now. It seems the insert image from URL button has to be used now. This is slow and cumbersome when trying to post multiple images.
  6. They officially stated that these throwbacks will contain a "shade of green." That leads me to think it is likely a different green compared to their current which means either mid 30's or early 50's as those two periods are where they used a lighter shade of green. So this is my best guess at what we will see from the Packers based on what they have said. This is the 1950 look and I think they will likely will not go with a mono look.
  7. My guess on the Browns for 2021 Brown over white with brown striped socks for Preseason Week 1 at Jaguars (w/w/w), Week 3 vs. Bears (w/n/w striped), Week 6 vs. Cardinals (w/w/r), Week 11 vs. Lions (w/b/b), week 15 vs. Raiders, and Week 18 vs. Bengals (w/b/b) Brown over orange with brown striped socks week 8 vs. Steelers (w/y/b), week 14 vs Ravens (w/p/b) White over white with white striped socks for Preseason Week 2 vs. Giants (b/w/b), Preseason week 3 at Falcons (b/b/b), Week 2 vs. Texans (n/w/n), Week 4 at Vikings (p/w/p), Week 9 at Bengals (o/b/b) White over orange with white striped socks for week 1 at Chiefs (r/w/r striped), week 12 at Ravens (b/b/b), week 17 at Steelers (color rush) White over brown with white striped socks week 5 at Chargers (b/y/b), week 10 at Patriots (n/n/n) All Brown color rush Week 7 vs. Broncos (w/w/b) Rumored all white 46 throwback week 16 at Packers(g/y/g) (They might break these out once at home too maybe the home opener vs. Texans instead of standard all whites or week 3 vs. Bears)
  8. Yes the NFL changed the rules recently. Teams have primary light and dark and can have 2 alts. Those 2 alts can be anything. 2 throwbacks, throwback and color rush, Color Rush and Alt, Alt and throwback, Color Rush and Color Rush, Alt and alt... you get the point. Examples: Chargers have 2 Color Rush, Dolphins have 2 throwbacks, Bills, Lions, and Steelers have Throwback and Color Rush, Bears, and Falcons have Throwback and Alt, Cardinals have alt and color rush, and since they no longer use the green pants the Seahawks technically have 2 alts.
  9. So if you scroll to the opening post of the thread you will now see I have decided to change the template for 2021.
  10. Bengals got some new duds and draft is next week. Might as well get this up and running. Remember any combos posted during the course of this thread prior to game taking place or posted prior to any announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed. Please give me at least 24 hours from the completion of the game or a uniform announcement to make any corrections as I am normally not at a computer to make changes during the game itself and I do have other things going on. 2021 Hall Of Fame Game Steelers vs. Cowboys Preseason Week 1 Preseason Week 2 Preseason Week 3 Regular Season Week 1 Regular Season Week 2 Regular Season Week 3 Regular Season Week 4 Regular Season Week 5 Regular Season Week 6 Regular Season Week 7 Regular Season Week 8 Regular Season Week 9 Regular Season Week 10 Regular Season Week 11 Regular Season Week 12 Regular Season Week 13 Regular Season Week 14 Regular Season Week 15 Regular Season Week 16 Regular Season Week 17 Regular Season Week 18 Post Season Wild Card Round Post Season Divisional Round Post Season Championship Round Super Bowl LVI
  11. So these are the combos that were shown in the reveal Dark Light Alt
  12. Post Season Championship Round AFC Championship Bills @ Chiefs NFC Championship Buccaneers @ Packers
  13. Post Season Divisional Round Rams @ Packers Ravens @ Bills Browns @ Chiefs Buccaneers @ Saints
  14. Just to be clear in terms of socks and pants... Teams can make changes or addition to these honestly any time they want even during a season. The uniform change rule is really in place due to jersey and jersey sales. The NFL doesn't want jerseys constantly changing as jersey sales are so big to league and team revenue. People for the most part want the current jersey so if they are constantly changing the fans feel exploited like they are being nickled and dimed to replace said jersey. Pants and socks are not sold so the league really doesn't make much fuss or say anything if a team wants to add or change anything in terms of pants and socks. Saints added the white pants last season without any major announcement or advanced league approval and that included adding solid white socks. Baltimore added those "gold" pants mid-season in 2015 and they have never been seen since. Same is true of New England in 2017 with the white pants. The Bengals, Jets, Jags, Panthers, Dolphins, Titans, Vikings, Bills, Saints... the list could go on all officially show only mid-calf socks in their uniform guides yet they wear solid socks all the time and some almost exclusively. The League doesn't care as long as the sock color is part of the teams color pallet.
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