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  1. It isn't just this those. There have been a lot of inconsistency and inaccuracy in these documents over the years for all franchise under normal circumstances.
  2. NFL cracks me up at times. They either give inaccurate info or they don’t adhere to their own guidelines. Every team's logo slicks specifically state that marks and such can’t be altered and that using parts of marks instead of the complete mark is not acceptable yada yada. They are very clear on this. So as I have stated the W by itself is not an official mark in any capacity according the Leagues own documentation yet the W by itself is used on NFLShop as well as the team’s official site. So either they are not complying with their own guidelines or the documentation is incorrect.
  3. So based on what we got this is just my guess as to the possible options/combos for Washington this season. Dark White Throwback
  4. OK, everyone ready for more confusion. Teams have two documents. The logo slick which show Marks, Logotypes and uniforms. They also have Uniform spec docs that give more detail on the uniforms. Manufacturing specifics like accurate stripe width, placing, spacing etc etc. Washington has now added the Uniform spec doc and it shows different options than the logo slick. Logo slick shows the Burgundy and white jersey as well as the traditional 2 stripe white and burgundy pants, a mid-calf burgundy sock, and 2 striped white sock and the throwback but with blank sleeves and a gray face masked blank helmet. The uniform doc shows the same 2 jerseys but only the 3 stripe gold pant and the 2 stripe burgundy with no white pant. As well as the throwback with blank sleeves and a gray face masked blank helmet.
  5. yes those, but as I stated these logo slicks from the league have been historically inaccurate as well. Teams themself can post things incorrectly. Case in point the Patriots debuting the new uniforms with the wrong pant.
  6. To be clear the NFL refers to "Logos" as Marks in their documentation. What are listed on Chris's site as Wordmarks in NFL documentation are called logotypes. No logotype is listed for Washington in this new temporary set. They only show Primary, secondary and tertiary marks, no logotype at all and the W alone is not an official mark according to the document.
  7. So am I... As I stated. I do not know if the Slick is correct or the renders are correct. Both unfortunately have a history of being inaccurate. I remember one year the the Browns showed mid-calf brown socks with just orange stripes and no white in the style guide... those didn't exist or if they did we never saw them. We really are not going to know until we actually see the team in them in some official capacity.
  8. These are not correct. According to official logo slick there is no workmark right now. Washington with the year is primary Washington alone is secondary Roudel is tertiary W by itself is not an official logo.
  9. Keep in mind just b/c something is in the logo slick/style guide doesn't mean it will see the light of day. The Bears had orange pants in the guide from 2012 until 2015 and they were never worn. The Browns had orange pants and an orange jersey in their previous set and neither were worn together and we only saw the jersey in 2015 and 2016 neither were used in 2017. Pants and socks are played with loose and fast by the NFL. The league doesn't sell replica socks and pants so they are very lenient on teams changing, adding or not ever using something. The Saints white pants from last year (non-color rush) were not in the guide last season and still are not in the guide this season.
  10. According to the official logo slick the Primary mark is the Washington Football Team EST. 1932 Secondary mark is just Washington and the roundel with the W in it is a tertiary mark
  11. So I have seen the official NFL docs finally. They show the old 2 stripe pants the team has had in both white and burgundy as well as the yellow pants. It also shows solid all burgundy socks and the striped burgundy socks traditionally worn with the yellow pants. So the renders showed new 3 stripe pants and a Denver like mid-calf striped sock. The helmet shown in the logo slick show no outline on the numbers where the render showed white outlines. At this point I am unsure what we will get until they are on the field. These logo slicks are historically rushed and inaccurate, but so can the renders be. I mean We all remember the Patriots release earlier this year with the wrong pant. Guess we all have to wait and see
  12. So no official documents have been sent out yet... internal site for assets still has coming soon, but based on what we have seen in renders here are the 4 options Washington can wear this season. Dark White
  15. It was actually first used in their first season in 1946...