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  1. TIL wishing Clemson would mix it up a bit on a sports design board is just THE WORST
  2. On that note, everyone yelling at me to wear pants when i go to retrieve the morning paper, congrats! You won't see me pantsless anymore, because someone called the cops.
  3. Ugh, you're right, those WERE the bad old days. I love me some grey jerseys and I wish every team had one.
  4. Well, that aged poorly... The irony is that tOSU looked great on the field and...on the field. Besides gifting PSU two TDs, the dominated on the lines and had more yardage even before the comeback.
  5. What a weird bowl season. My favorite look is from adidas with AZST's M/M/B combo. I've never liked anything adidas.
  6. I'm the biggest Duck fan youll meet and I'm saying these uniforms are garbage. The font is terrible, invisible(?) shoulder wings, awful shade of green, boring template and pants...just looks like a Chinese knockoff to me. I've bought every jersey they put out and will not be buying any of these.
  7. I think the teams that had the best season should be rewarded. By your logic they shouldn't have even played the 2/3 game and just played a title game.
  8. I think a six team playoff would be the best solution. Give #1 and #2 a bye for having the best regular season, then go from there.
  9. This bowl season has been so dull, boring, and uncreative as far as uniforms/helmets go. Nobody is wearing anything crazy or daring on the national stage. Which I'm sure pleases most of you but definitely not me. Side not: UNC never wore any of their black stuff either, no?
  10. Fair enough, I just think it's a played out way of criticizing a team's look. There are 120 schools, yes, some will look like one another.
  11. Then you must not be very bright if you're watching a game and keep forgetting who is playing. Also, aside from the colors they look nothing alike.
  12. Miami's all black look is the first thing adidas has done for them that I sort of like, but it doesn't compare to last year's grey set.
  13. A&M and Minnesota look freakin sweet tonight. Love these looks!
  14. Somebody needs to speak up against boring tradition, and praise when teams attempt to be creative, might as well be me.