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  1. What font is Randy's name here?
  2. You've also got Wally Joyner as a Royal! Also, JT Snow as a Yankee!
  3. You've also got Wally Joyner as a Royal!
  4. How bout Mike Piazza with the Marlins? He played there for like 6 games in 1998 in between being a Dodger and a Met.
  5. Okay, this is my last one for now, in the same vein as the previous Ricky Henderson and Dave Kingman ones: A visual history of Bruce Chen. Braves! Phillies! Mets! Reds! Expos! Orioles! There's also Astros and Red Sox, but I couldn't find them.
  6. Hey, that's a two-fer because that's Dale Carter on the Denver Broncos. Oooh, good call.
  7. Ahman Green in Seattle.. one of the worst trades in NFL history
  8. Curtis Martin on the Patriots. Man, am I glad they got rid of the Flying Elvii on the shoulders.
  9. Kerry Collins on the Saints.. that lasted long.
  10. Here: Huh? My picture showed up fine.
  11. You may sense a theme here... Aaron Brooks on the Packers! Matt Hasselback on the Packers! Mark Brunell on the Packers!
  12. Priest Holmes on the Ravens. Good choice, guys.
  13. Tommy Salo on the Avalanche - and in their 3rd jersey, at that.
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