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  1. By the way, if you can't see them, try Firefox. They don't show up in IE.
  2. How did you get the name to curve correctly, though? I've been trying to use the "flag" filter on the text, and it never comes out right.
  3. bumping this to see if anyone can help me get the player names right on 1989 topps cards.
  4. What font is Randy's name here?
  5. So, this is an old thread. I found it because I'm trying to find some templates for 1989 Topps (anyone?!) and I thought I'd post some of the 1987 Topps Dodger ones I made last year.
  6. Detroit has had two alts - 1992/93 and this year for the Winter Classic. Therefore, NJ is the only team to never have an Alternate jersey. I was also at last nights game and I believe I saw some of those jerseys. They looked OK, but would not be the most fun alternate jersey if they were to ever come into existence. But, are we really counting those Wings jerseys? The 91/92 ones were as part of a league-wide throwback trend, and this year's Winter Classic ones are obviously for a special occasion as well. I suppose we could differentiate between "alternates" and "thirds", but the Wings have still never had a true alternate jersey that they wear 10-15 times a year like every other non-NJ team in the league.
  7. As a Gi8ants fan I love the road uniforms. When they made the switch in 2000 I was very disappointed in the Road uni's. Now that they won a Super Bowl with them I hope they never change. You're talking about two different sets of jerseys, there. They changed the roads again in 2005.
  8. Actually I totally agree with you. I don't mind the thin outline on the helmet logo, or a black outline on the numbers and sleeve stripes. As long as they kept it all THIN, it would have looked great.
  9. Or Hartford, from whence your Hurricanes came. Last I looked, neither Pittsburgh nor the Islanders are going anywhere. And forgive me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't using the Marlies as an example of the GTA can't support two NHL teams be specious at best - they're an AHL franchise affiliated with and owned by the Leafs. That's apples and oranges as far as I'm concerned. the pens were about to move 2 years ago,the city had to get slot machines to pay for the new arena,if i remember correctly and there have been rumors of the Isle's moving outta that dump for the past 2 years,hope they don't tho...i think one roumor was that they may move into the barclays center in Brooklyn with the nets FWIW going to Brooklyn would not constitute a "move". And the near move of the Penguins was not related to the market, but to the craphole they called an arena. well in the 1st quoted box i state it would be because of a crappy arena and while from long Island to bkln may not be a major move,the fact that long island is in there logo,and there named the islanders..there would be some irony,but i'd imagine the fan base would stay,although i'd puke if they were called the Brooklyn Islanders on the island there is no Queens or Brooklyn You do realize Brooklyn is on Long Island, right? Technically yes, but Brooklyn is a part of NYC, NOT Long Island.
  10. Those jerseys still look like they might be a mess, but they do look 10000x better on the player than in the mockups.
  11. I used Dom Casual Bold. Thanks! Do you know where I can find that?
  12. Whoa. I'm from NJ and I first got into hockey when I was about 13 and I saw the 94 Eastern conference finals between NJ/NYR ("Matteau!!") I just turned 27 and I realize that I grew up watching that mask! Yeah, the design was always a little lame, but still. It had always been there. I probably shouldn't be placing this much importance on a goalie mask.
  13. Font name for the player names, anyone?
  14. What is the name of the font for the player names on the 1987 Topps? Don't forget that they had special notes on them for managers and rookies, like this: