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  1. Just weird the team and players thought the decal was brown. It clearly looks blue in this pic
  2. Not sure if these have been posted yet. Nuggets showing off their Earned unis.
  3. Does anyone have answers about this proposed Riddell Broncos helmet when they changed uniforms? 3rd helmet from the left...is this even real? “That is actually a prototype helmet from 1962 Riddell prepared for the team when they were coming up with new uniforms that year, it has a pair of the original blue horse decals on it.”
  4. The color comes from the sun when it hits the flatirons.
  5. The Broncos apparently going with the old "D" logo in the endzones.
  6. Does anyone have any knowledge of these helmets or least this helmet? I don't recall the helmet Tebow is wearing at all, maybe I'm just forgetting things from 10 years ago. lol...I know it wasn't a game helmet.
  7. The setup for the Avs/Kings game at the Air Force Academy.
  8. Buffs To Honor Walseth Era, ’69 Big Eight Champs In Throwback Game Jan. 12
  9. WWE just released the logo and location for Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa.
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