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  1. It looks like the Island team will be called Pacific FC, and will have purple as main color, and teal as secondary
  2. July 21st for the new Ducks 3rd
  3. Definitely better than the Cavalry one.
  4. There are some rumors (reddit r/canucks) that the Canucks would bring back the Stick-and-Rink alternates next season
  5. With Edmonton, Hamilton and Victoria (Langford) confirmed, one team left for the 8 teams the league wanted/expected for the first season
  6. Winnipeg and Halifax teams have nice logos
  7. Arizona will unveil their 3rd jersey on Draft day
  8. The team to be unveiled tomorrow is the Halifax Wanderers FC Other names registered are Founders FC for Hamilton, and Valour FC for Winnipeg.
  9. I think there's a bit too many patches....
  10. It's a new league, who has as one of its goals is to make football/soccer more popular in the country. Cavalry FC doesn't mean anything to me. Not even related of what I know about Calgary. So I don't know if it will mean much even in Calgary. (I could completely be wrong though) To me it just sounds a very bad name. - hey, seen that there's a new soccer league around? - oh yea? who's playing? - york9 against cavalry
  11. Cavalry Football Club. What a horrible name. Could at least be the Calgary Cavalry (FC).
  12. It is believed/expected that the CPL will announce one team every 7/10 days from now on
  13. Almost every European soccer team has probably had one at some point in the last 15 years.
  14. it looks good, but it seems to me that it suits more the sponsor than the team itself
  15. Vancouver Parley kit looks a bit silly considering their choice of kit for this season
  16. I have the feeling that most of the biggest upgrades will be "returns to former identity" or "rolling back the downgrade"
  17. I don't understand why this logo is not on the jersey
  18. It felt like someone voted them and they were just discovering them
  19. I don't think FIFA would allow one team in navy shorts and the other one in black ones
  20. Brazil font looks good overall. I like the style of number 2. Number 7 does not look good though.
  21. Actually, they ARE part of the same company.
  22. I don't know exactly, but I always thought that Fans Edge and Fanatics were the same brand/shop. The article is also here: