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  1. Rosenborg new kit aren't that bad... but omg why the team crest is so small?
  2. I think you can take your irresponsible speculation for a walk at the playground. Arizona Anaheim - page 13, this thread San Jose -
  3. I really like the whole thing a lot. It just feels a bit weird to refer to St Louis as SL
  4. Apparently that is the case, yes. Looks like all teams, including the Devils and Red Wings are also getting an alternate. Not many certitudes, other than Arizona might be bringing back Kachina as an alt, the Ducks are not changing home/away and the Sharks might be using the circular logo somewhere in the alternate.
  5. That sounds odd considering the proximity of colors between the Seahawks, the Sounders, and even the recently created Seattle Seawolves. Actually, it always looked like Seattle teams kinda wanted/enjoyed this color similarity in town
  6. That would only happen if the Canucks went back to black and yellow
  7. Many of those won't be in the World Cup anyway, but that's just incredibly poor/lazy work
  8. All Puma's away shirts are the same. Ivory Coast collar looks really bad
  9. This away jersey looks great. And I also really like the team logo. You did a very good job!
  10. both kits problem is the red of the Youtube TV
  11. Is it the league or the teams who decide who will get St Patrick's practice jerseys?
  12. I'm hoping there is a Germany England match with England playing home uniforms and Germany away
  13. Oh hell, no. The modern (Reebok, Adidas) sets are way nicer IMO
  14. Leafs Stadium series jerseys
  15. This look very odd, borderline fake to me. It has the Russian federation current logo, with latin script USSR in the front, and and old adidas logo not used on jerseys anymore
  16. Yes, I said so. That's clearly a fake. Question was more, was it just a random guess or was it based on some leak or info that someone might have had access to? And yes, it is going to be white.
  17. It looks fake, it is fake. Could this be the Leafs stadium series? Or at least similar?
  18. Are KC and Vancouver have the same kit?
  19. Looks like people are figuring out that the Hurricanes brand is not popular around Carolina and that no one really cares about the team. To the point that the Whalers have more impact in hockey community than them, after 20 years not existing. Just move the team somewhere else I would say.
  20. Vancouver Canucks will wear a special red jersey for the Chinese new year against the Bruins (feb 17th) The patch looks nice, but other than that it's just a red jersey
  21. I never understood why, in so many years of Reebok unis, the Hurricanes and Avalanche never took the time to fix their jerseys. Feelis like they are running very late on how to get to their best look
  22. I have never seen a Stadium series jersey look so bad.