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  1. Figured why not bring back the freaky 90s with the Stadium Series!
  2. Photoshoped Marty onto the Leafs....just a random idea inspired by Free agency
  3. Out of curiosity, where do you find the large sized photos of these players too?
  4. Not the greatest but not bad for a real first try
  5. Actually if you look at the logo closely it points to the approx location of Barlcays Center
  6. Concept for a potential move to Brooklyn...Main logo modified to include all of Geographic Long Island and New Shoulder Patch..
  7. I actually meant Portland, Maine I've heard that city having Intreast in a hockey team Well the name Pirates makes more sense for an east coast team anyway. Can't see PDX having a squad called Pirates. I was also going with the assumption of the NHL team being named the Pirates, much like how the Jets owners originally wanted to go with the Moose
  8. I actually meant Portland, Maine I've heard that city having Intreast in a hockey team
  9. Attempted to fix the point on the I for each of the geographical Long Island Locations...Not a big fan of the L in the Suffolk County one, but really the only way it could work
  10. Good point, I knew that just never considered it...I may actually try to revise the Queens/Brooklyn ones to correct that
  11. Well I figured what would be the best way to handle your team being on the possible moving block...make logos of course. These are all pretty much mashups from elements of the former franchises from these cities translated into the Islanders circle. (BTW THE QUEBEC ONE IS A PURE JOKE). Just thought it was cool to see how they turned out
  12. Oh thanks for the clarification...I just used google translator so I had a feeling it might not be the literal translation
  13. Not too much of a concept but just wondered what it would look like if the Rangers had their jersey's in Sweedish for the preseason game...**Note** The Translator I used had the word Jagartrupp for Rangers...The other Jersey is if they went more Sweedish themed and made their Jersey and logos the colors of the Sweedish flag....