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  1. Can I get a Ron Tugnutt... I posted on the second page u must not have seen it he played for Quebec/Edmonton/Anaheim/Montreal/Ottawa/Pittsburgh/Columbus/Dallas
  2. Reminds me of the Albuquerque Isotopes of the Triple-A Pacific Coast League
  3. ROn Tugnutt Quebec/Edmonton/Anaheim/Montreal/Ottawa/Pittsburgh/Columbus/Dallas
  4. Northwest #2 Northeast #1 Southeast #2
  5. I like, really nice... There's something about curved striping that I like.
  6. The shoulder part with the gears on it makes this concept look eye-popping
  7. For the Drawing: Really nice!!! A++++++++ For the Color: I'd go w/ the blue Green Silver
  8. I don't like the striping on the socks and the shoulder logos are too small
  9. The new alts look phenomanol (don't know if I spelled that right)
  10. the only ones I like are the alts... the other ones not so much
  11. they look fricken sweet with the state of TEXAS behind the logo. nice work
  12. You can PM me if you want to request a sig
  13. In the words of Borat "Much Success!!!"
  14. WWWWOOOOWWWW!!!! These are sweet. I think MLB would be more than happy to use these.
  15. From first glance, the face looks as of a Chinese or Japanese guy.
  16. really nice... Helmet- A+ Jerseys- A Wordmark- A+ Overall- A+ Great job!!!
  17. I like the stripes on the socks, how they're are sort of curved... nice touch
  18. I like the first one one the way bottom... but the duck looks like a swan cuz its white and try taking out the red line inside the "A"
  19. Just a suggestion... Homes- make the side stripe black Aways- Make side stripes gold