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  1. RickV

    UFL in 2010

    Not much enthusiasm here in San Antonio for the UFL, in fact several city leaders have come out against the league. Worried it will compete for sponsors with the new NCAA football team to start play in 2011, the Universtiy of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners. Head coach will be Larry Coker, of University of Miami fame.
  2. To my knowledge, no NFL teams wore names on the back of their jerseys until the beginning of regular season inter-conference play in 1970. What he said.
  3. I have a throwback Tommy Nobis of this era. It is incredibly good looking. Is yours the sleeve with the logo or with stripes? This is kind of funny - could the logos be any bigger? And the helmet bird is a hunchback. Ironic that the Falcons look like Georgia since the Saints are Atlanta's biggest rival and GT is Georgia's (or one of 'em, Florida might argue the point). BTW, thank God they didn't do THIS in 1974. From helmethut.com: My jersey has the logo, not the stripes.
  4. I have a throwback Tommy Nobis of this era. It is incredibly good looking.
  5. That is NICE. Clean, simple, not overstated. A classic look.
  6. Not true. Check out www.dugout-memories.com
  7. Damn those white unis are a thing of beauty.
  8. In my experience, native Spanish speakers often have trouble pronouncing my name, so I have no problem with them calling me Jaime instead of James. I thought Spanish for James was "Diego".
  9. Here is an example of their white on white, except for the different color numerals.
  10. I usually just ask the seller what the measurement is in inches from armpit to armpit, double that, and that is the size of the jersey. e.g. 26" is a size 52. the Sizes L, XL, XXL, etc can mean different things to different sellers.
  11. There's no problem with it -- patsox is not a mod here. Mind your own business cc97, whomever you are. Oh, dear. What happened to these boards? People got sarcastic. As I remember it, it happened about ohhhh, just about when the board started. (Not that I was around then, but its populated by intelligent, often competitve, males so sarcasm would come with the territory. A lot less sarcasm here than most boards though.
  12. I recognize many of those Bronco pictures from "Touchdown - A Picture History of the AFL". Fantastic book, excellent chronicle of the AFL, and the photos are terrific.
  13. I'd like to see them use the shamrock they used about 50 yrs ago.