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  1. Kind of a side point, but wondering if anyone heard about this? Apparently UND has to keep manufacturing tons of Fighting Sioux merchandise just to keep the trademark.
  2. New jersey for Stockholm's Djurgarden IF of the Allsvenskan. Interesting to see a new adidas jersey without the 3 stripes being on the side. Gotta say that this is a huge down grade from last year's jerseys, which I think are amongst favorite ones of all time.
  3. Im a Georgetown graduate and and currently still at the school for grad school. We still use the old bull dog logo, but I have only seen the modern new smiling jack used on kids clothing. Also I assume by Hoya pattern you mean the Kente pattern we have been using on our jerseys since the mid-90s. The other academic logo we still use is the Georgetown G logo. A couple of years ago we used the script Hoyas on our court, but stopped using it about two years ago for some reason. Haven't seen it used since. The school itself has an academic seal, but I have never seen it used in an athletic setting and would strongly recommend against using it on the court since we have a strong superstition against stepping on it. Also if it helps JT3 has already commented and said he would prefer a traditional court and he will be the one choosing the court. Sorry for the lack of pictures.
  4. The recruiting pitch for Marshall pre-playoff was "Should we go undefeated, we'll be in line for a BCS bowl", and that's for 80% of the current players. Now their pitch is "You can go to Alabama and wait 2-3 years before you see quality time on the field, or you can come here and play immediately and get a chance at one of the New Year's Six bowls"...which is essentially the same recruiting pitch as before. So that ain't it. Should you have to blame Marshall, blame the 2009-2010 Marshall regime. That's about the time frame you're looking at for scheduling the games for 2014. Games simply aren't scheduled just a year or two in's 4+ years down the road. And like I said, Marshall can't afford to give the big schools a 7-figure check to back out of a game to schedule a free Marshall game. Actually If I really correctly, Marshall scheduled a game this year against Louisville (cant remember if it was home or away) but Louisville had to back out due to conflicts created by them changing conferences to the ACC this year. If I had to bet, that's why they played URI this year. Don't know if beating Louisville would have been enough to change the conversation, but it does show that Marshall did at least try to schedule someone.
  5. Has anyone else seen the new top 10? It quite literally made me dizzy. I don't mind the new ticker and story rundown, but some of the graphics really upset me. For example when they were showing the possible ways that the US team could advance they kept scanning over the words moving left to right kind of so that I could barely read it by the end. I don't know if Im the only one, but so far I have hated it.
  6. Easily the best ballpark Ive ever been to is AT&T Park. Being on the bay just makes it an absolute gorgeous place to watch baseball. I honestly think it is heads and tails above the rest of the ball parks I have ever been to. The rest of my rankings 2. PETCO Park (just perfectly fits in with my impression of San Diego. And I love the inclusion of the warehouse) 3. Camden Yards 4. PNC Park (a nice park with nice views of the bridge and rivers, but honestly I was disappointed with it. I simply don't understand where all the hype comes from. It seems like a nice enough modern ballpark, but nothing really made it stand out to me) 5. Nationals Stadium (My favorite team, but honestly I have not been in love with the new park. It looks nice and new, but there is nothing that makes it stand out from other ballparks. Also the area surrounding the stadium still has a long way to go.) 6. RFK Stadium (Obviously far from the nicest place in baseball by the time it was being used, but I must say that I loved its location in the city.)
  7. That slogan on the first pair seems like some sex joke, considering there's a cannon. The first pair is reference to a historical battle flag first used during the American Revolution and later used during the Texas Revolution in 1835. Oh my gosh. I was only making a joke. I don't need a lecture.Sorry man. History major. My instincts just kicked in.
  8. That slogan on the first pair seems like some sex joke, considering there's a cannon. The first pair is reference to a historical battle flag first used during the American Revolution and later used during the Texas Revolution in 1835.
  9. The capitals have new socks. Blue is now at the bottom. Actually looks kinda like they turned their old socks upside down.
  10. Not sure why, but Georgetown is wearing the old uniforms from last season instead of the newly released ones with the sweatbacks
  11. Dude these are pretty amazing. Is there any chance I could get a Washington Capitals Brooks Laich #21 ?
  12. I'd have to agree, along with Jason Chimera & John Erskine. I'd also add Brooks Laich. And as for old capitals players I'd add Matt Bradley and Quintin Laing
  13. I played for a public school in maryland, where its a club sport and not an official varsity sport. Most schools in my area of Maryland (the dc suburbs) have a team and the sport is rapidly growing. The best players in the area usually play both high school and travel team. I know that there are at handful (probably 2 or 3) players in the entire public school league who went on to play D1, but that was far from the norm. In fact, I think that most players who went on to play NCAA hockey were girls, cause our league was co-ed, who got scouted from their travel team. Private schools in the area are different, though not by much. Some of the teams have much more national recognition, but they are far from pumping out NCAA players.
  14. Can you them for the Washington Capitals and Georgetown Hoyas. These are really awesome. thanks
  15. I really like the logos, and the football uniforms are great. The biggest gripe I have to pick with them is that the S logo is very hard to see on the black helmet, especially because it creates a mostly black-on-black logo. I don't know if that was intentional, but I think it takes away a bit from what could be a good identifying mark.